April 2003

Rock’s most beloved collectible, the band T-shirt. It’s a simple, effective way of pledging your allegiance or proving you were there. Thanks to the creative forces at work in the PJ camp (namely Jeff and Ed), the band T-shirt has long been a blank canvas riddled with inside references and celebrating everything from attending a [...]


Guitar Picks and More Guitar Picks

by Jessica Letkemann on April 5, 2003

Ah, the mundane guitar pick. Not something PJ fans think about much. But truth is, these little monogrammed pieces of plastic have reflected PJ members’ tastes and senses of humor since back in the day. Over the years, a color scheme has even emerged, as you can see below (guess it’s easier to tell whose is whose that way). Gathered here are just a few of the various customized PJ picks the guys have had made and used, each one worth a closer look.


Ten Club Ticket History

by Jessica Letkemann on April 5, 2003

What greater perk could a band’s fan club provide to its members than first dibs to tickets, the best seats in the house at that? Rock band fan club memberships come in all shapes in flavors, but Pearl Jam is among the very few major bands whose affordable yearly membership (now $15) not only gets [...]