Are There Any Easter Eggs on Pearl Jam DVDs?

by John Reynolds on March 21, 2005

Are there any Easter Eggs on Pearl Jam DVDs? The answers are “no”, “no”, “no”, and “yes”!! Neither Single Video Theory (1998), Touring Band 2000 (2001), and Live at the Showbox (2003) hold any extra goodies, but Disk I of 2003′s Live at the Garden includes a hidden track of Pearl Jam performing “Hunger Strike” (with Sleater Kinney’s Corin Tucker singing Chris Cornell’s part) live from Palacio De Los Deportes; July 18, 2003.

Since you can play DVDs on either DVD Players or on your computer, the info below shows you how to find them for each system:

DVD Players

Please keep in mind that there are way too many DVD players in production today, so this may take a little experimenting:

  • Load Disk I and go to the “Set List” menu. Navigate down to “Black” and hit the “next” button on your remote twice. This should start playing “Hunger Strike”.
  • If that doesn’t work, this method should definitely work, it’s just less fun: load Disk I and find the “Title” or “Title Search” button on your remote. The Easter Egg is “Title 02, Chapter 1″ on the DVD. Selecting this should just start playing the track.
  • Apparently the above method even works on a Video Game consoles like Sony Playstation

DVD Software on a Computer

First you need a DVD drive on your computer, then you need the software to play it. Again, there are many different DVD software playback programs available.

  • Load Disk I and find the “Title” or “Title Search” menu in the software’s onscreen menu. The Easter Egg is “Title 02, Chapter 1″ on the DVD. Selecting this should just start playing the track.

If you have any other ways of loading the “Hunger Strike” Easter Egg, please feel free to drop us feedback below. Happy Easter!

Background Info: If you’re not familiar with what Easter Eggs on DVDs are, here’s some background info:

How much better are DVDs than VHS tapes? Not only is the picture better, the sound more intense, and the menu system cooler, but you can also “hide” content on a DVD for scrupulous fans to find. These hidden features are called “Easter Eggs” and they make hardcore fans like us happy by providing extra content not advertised on the DVD packaging or menu.

Here’s a quick primer on how DVD content is organized on the disc. The programs on a DVD are called “titles” and are further broken up into “chapters”. Most DVDs contain a “main title” and other titles are usually such things as “Bonus Materials”. On Live at the Garden, the concert itself is the main title on Disc I & II, and the bonus features on Disc II – “Matt-Cam”, the music videos, etc” – are also titles. Even the dreaded “FBI Warning” is the last title on each disk. These are then broken up by “chapter” – the songs of the concert being the parts of the main concert title. These titles and chapters are usually viewed by using your remote and the DVD’s menu to navigate to all the different content. Easter Eggs are just chapters within titles that are not shown on the DVD menu, or are programmed by the DVD’s developer to only be viewed based on a certain combination of remote control functions.

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