August 2005

Reeeink Roink: “It’s Ok to mess up!”

by John Reynolds on August 24, 2005

What makes a Pearl Jam collectible “valuable”? The “Reeenk Roink” promo CD boasts neither unreleased music nor eye catching graphics; but its rarity, odd name, handcrafted manufacturing and place in PJ history have made it one of the handful of “holy grail” collectibles. What is Reeenk Roink? TFT and PJ collector Seth Dolled take a closer look.


Concert Chronology Moving to

by John Reynolds , Jessica Letkemann , Kathy Davis on August 3, 2005

The Pearl Jam Concert Chronology you know and love from Five Horizons has a new home here at Two Feet Thick. Jean Bruns, who built the CC at 5H since 1995, has recently decided to retire from maintaining it, and has offered that honor to the three of us at Two Feet Thick. With her [...]