“I Love You” Promo CD: On Tour with Pearl Jam

by John Reynolds , Jessica Letkemann on March 21, 2006


Promo CD with Sticker!

Most of the information in the Concert Chronology is known because of eyewitness accounts, articles, venue ads, published reviews, and from tapes of the shows. So it’s no surprise that the early Pearl Jam shows — before they hit it big — have always been the toughest to confirm. In these cases, confirmation sometimes comes from much less obvious places, secondary pieces of evidence that put the pieces of the puzzle together finally.

Not much — including the basic tour dates — has been written about Pearl Jam’s first headlining tour in the early Fall of 1991 right before they joined the Red Hot Chili Peppers tour. Among the scant knowledge is the fact that a band called I Love You opened for them, so when a 1991 I Love You promo cd complete with PJ mention and tour dates came to light, details of this little known Ten tour fell into place.

Pearl Jam was relatively unknown outside of Seattle, and had played in very small clubs on a short tour during the summer of 1991. It has been documented in the Concert Chronology for years that a few club shows in October of 1991 were listed with opening band I Love You. I Love You was based in Los Angeles and had released their self-titled debut album on Geffen in 1991. The promotional CD (right) contains four songs – “The Lamb” and “Jamf” from I Love You, and two unreleased tracks “Angles” and “Hungry Wolf”.

On this promo CD, the item of interest for PJ fans is the sticker on the front listing the concert dates I Love You was scheduled to play with Pearl Jam! The CD came in an off-white cardboard sleeve and the front says “See I Love You – On Tour With Pearl Jam.” Comparing this against the Concert Choronology, some dates are new, some are known, and some are listed as the right venue, but on a different date.

Show List

Show List

Pearl Jam cancelled the last half of the CD’s scheduled dates (plus some not even listed on the cd) to play a larger stage as the first opening act on the Red Hot Chili Peppers BloodSugarSexMagik tour that started in Madison, WI on October 16, 1991. So, you can see that dates were cancelled in Philly, New York, two in the Boston Area, Montreal, Toronto, Cleveland, Detroit and Chicago. Additionally, a series of Hartford Courant articles from the time explains that Pearl Jam and I Love You cancelled a 10/18/1991 date at the New Haven, CT club The Moon, and PJ unsuccessfully tried to reschedule it for 11/14/1991 during a break in the RHCP tour.

The list below shows the updated Concert Chronology entries for the concert dates from this tour based on this CD listing, as well as some further information on and artifacts from the shows that we have dug up separately. Also, in the past six months, we published updates confirming the 10/13/91 Atlanta, GA, and 10/14/91 Carrboro, NC, and they can be seen in the context of this tour.

**  A 1993 Goldmine article mentions that the 11/09/91 Tower Records show “compensat[ed] fans for the cancellation of a scheduled Pearl Jam show at the 9:30 club in Washington, D.C.” Fans who showed up on this night expecting to see the show found a handwritten message on the front door announcing the cancellation.

Artifacts from the Pearl Jam / I Love You tour, 1991
Dave A. Sporting an I LOVE YOU t-shirt Handbill from the 10/11/91 Houston Show Ticket from the 10/13/91 Atlanta Show
10/10/91 Dallas, TX Hand-written Dallas record store promo 10/11/91 Houston, TX ticket 10/15/91 9:30 Club Listings
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Not much is known about I Love You after this tour except a breakup, short-lived reformation and album release in 1994. Whatever happened to the oddly named band, we owe a debt of thanks to the unknown marketing employee at Geffen Records who decided to make this CD to promote I Love You’s tour with some band named Pearl Jam.

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