Ed proud of Kings Of Leon’s Success

by Kathy Davis on March 7, 2009

It’s no secret that Ed is a huge supporter of Kings Of Leon (how many times did you see them open for PJ? ). As they tour Australia, this article mentions a phone call he made to the Followill family:

Welcome to the increasingly bizarre world of Kings of Leon. A world where they’re feted by the likes of Bob Dylan and U2, and where every band and his dog are lining up to meet them (the iconic Chrissie Hynde described them as the first group to pique her interest in new music in over a decade), and where even Eddie Vedder wants to join in the back-slapping. The influential Pearl Jam singer phoned the band in a gesture that almost seemed like a sly passing of the rock’n'roll superband mantle.

“He was just telling us how proud he was of us,” says Caleb, still a little disbelieving, “and he said, ‘Now you guys are playing on the same stages that we were playing on together’ – it was amazing.”

Kings of Leon supported Pearl Jam on their 2006 tour. “I can remember walking out on those stages in Australia and, even though there were hardly any people there when we were playing, it was still amazing,” says the singer. “Here we are a couple of years later and we’re playing the same places. Hopefully a few more people should turn up this time.”

Kathy Davis ( Twitter: @CrookedArm23 )
A Bay-Area based entrepreneur, co-editor Kathy conceives and writes her share of TFT’s articles and sections. She was co-editor/co-founder of one of the first Pearl Jam fanzines "Footsteps" (1992-1997). Kathy’s first Pearl Jam show was at the Bridge School Benefit on November 1, 1992.

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