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by Kathy Davis on March 11, 2009


Spin.com has an exclusive excerpt from the upcoming ten- part podcast series focusing on the Ten era called Ten Code — Pearl Jam Radio.  Go here to listen to Jeff discuss how a show in Switzerland laid the groundwork for the band’s appearance on MTV Unplugged, along with a clip of our boys performing “Black,” from Unplugged.

To hear the series, check with your favorite PJ-playing radio stations, or you can subscribe to Ten Code – Pearl Jam radio here.

Podcast broadcast schedule:

3/16, Part 1 (Black) Jeff talks about MTV Unplugged (8:06) Jeff discusses the 1992 MTV Unplugged show and reflects on a show in Zurich, Switzerland that gave them the confidence to perform acoustically. He explains that way too many tickets were sold for the Switzerland show, being that it was held at a super small venue. Since all their equipment couldn’t fit on the stage, they rented some acoustic instruments and took a chance at their first acoustic performance for a crowd of three to four-hundred people. Within a couple of days of that performance the band received a call asking if they would do MTV Unplugged. They agreed, and Jeff notes that he doubts they would have done the Unplugged show had it not been for their experience with the Switzerland show, because they wouldn’t have known how to do an acoustic show.
3/17, Part 2 (Why Go) Brendan O’Brien talks about remixing (4:53)  Brendan discusses remixing the “Ten” album. He explains that while the band likes the album, they weren’t entirely satisfied with the sonic outcome. Brendan describes the remixed album as having a direct sound without bells and whistles, with a different take on the songs, and a more in-your-face approach.

3/18, Part 3 (Jeremy) Eddie about Jeremy (7:21)  During an early interview, Eddie discusses the meaning behind “Jeremy.” He reminisces of the time he read a story in the paper of a kid named Jeremy from Richardson, Texas, who shot himself in front of his English class. He explains wanting to call and find out more about the story but didn’t want to intrude. Eddie remembers knowing someone in Jr. High School named Brian who shot an oceanography room, and that the song is a bit about Jeremy and Brian. He expresses that he thinks of Jeremy when he sings it.

3/19, Part 4 (Once) Jeff on reissue packaging (5:06)  Jeff talks about being excited about the reissue in part because of the new packaging. He explains his excitement about being able to color correct it (the original packaging was a pink color), and his excitement about putting it on vinyl which didn’t happen the first time around. He is also enthusiastic about the bonus tracks, photos, and Brendan’s remix.
3/20, Part 5 (State) Ed and Stone on stage antics (5:03) Eddie discusses his experience with diving and climbing in an early 1990′s interview. He explains that he’s jumped off balconies and done stunts to get the audience excited and wake them up, preparing them for what’s about to happen. He says that in the later stages, when people know the songs, they’ll be able to get their intensity from the songs rather than from someone jumping.
3/23, Part 6 (Alive) Jeff on “Drop In The Park” (7:40) Jeff discusses the Drop in the Park concert during a fall 1992 interview. He explains that it felt like the right way to finish up that year and a half of making the “Ten” album and touring for eighteen months because it was their way to give something back to the city of Seattle. Jeff discusses the acts that came out to perform, including Lazy Susan, Bill and Sean Smith, Seaweed, and Cypress Hill. He states that the concert shows what a visceral band they were at the time, and that the way Brendan mixed it held true to what they were at that time: a very physical music.
3/24, Part 7 (Just a Girl) Ed and Stone on Mookie Blaylock (6:25) Interviewer Matt Cord explains that there are six bonus tracks in the reissue: “Brother,” “State of Love and Trust,” “Breath,” “2000 Mile Blues,” “Evil Little Goat,” and the rare “Just a Girl,” which has only been played twice by the band in live shows. Eddie and Stone then talk about the band’s early days when they were called Mookie Blaylock (early 1990s NBA star), and the awkward moments that transpired in the presence of their namesake.
3/25, Part 8 (Porch) Mike on meeting Ed (7:55) Mike discusses how the band found Eddie. He explains that a tape they made had been sent out to Jack Irons who told them about Eddie, who they also ended up sending the tape to. Eddie sent the tape back with lyrics to three of the songs, and eventually the band flied him up because they were so enthused with his writing. Mike describes Eddie as initially being very shy and uncomfortable being in the scene, but that he later became more expressive throughout recording the album.
3/26, Part 9 (Garden) Mike on working with Brendan (7:00) Mike talks about Brendan O’Brien. He describes him as being very fast, fabulous producer with great energy. Mike explains the feeling of having something to prove after their first album and wanting to maintain and put out a great second record. He remembers that the music was being recorded so quickly that Eddie had to take a break halfway through to work on lyrics. Mike describes Brendan as being not only a great producer, but a great musician as well.
3/27, Part 10 (Brother) Jeff on the early days (5:36) Jeff reminisces on the early days. He remembers sometimes feeling that he was a terrible player at that time or that they weren’t a great band, but that often when he hears something from back then, it was better than he remembered it. He recalls not being able to sleep for nights after performing shows such as Chili Peppers shows and Lollapalooza, and admits that taking a bath would be the one thing to help him sleep. Jeff states that they would let the energy run through them and come out in the music.




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