What a Relief- Bathroom Access Bill Passes

by Kathy Davis on March 13, 2009


Mike Testifies Jan. 29, 2009

What a relief! The Washington State House has passed bill HB1138 mandating emergency access to businesses’ private restrooms for sufferers of Crohn’s disease and related bowel disorders.  Our favorite guitarist Mike McCready – a Crohn’s Disease sufferer – lobbied for its approval, telling lawmakers that Crohn’s sufferers can have public accidents if they can’t get quick access to a bathroom.

Transcript of Mike’s testimony at the Washington Senate, January 29, 2009: “I can’t believe how nervous I am right now…. (laughter)… I’ve had many of those accidents around Seattle and on stage and one of the examples of one of the accidents I did have a little funny- not- so- funny story…we were opening up for the Rolling Stones back in 1995 (well, it was 1997 Mike, but that’s okay!-ed.) down in San Francisco. I was about to go onstage and I had what I like to term as a “Crohn’s attack” Basically what that is…is like having a knife in your gut, and you have diarrhea and You have to go you have maybe a half a second to figure out where a bathroom is. Luckily, being the Rolling Stones, they had bathrooms on stage.  (laughter)  I basically ran and found one and my band we had to go on at a certain time, and the rest of the band played the song without me while I was in the bathroom. That was an interesting time. It’s basically akin to my body torturing myself. The thing that I’ve found in running into problems is when I need to go, I  gotta go. And I’ve seen this…this has happened to me many times where I’ve not been able to figure it out. Luckily I’ve been able to take certain medications to help this, and I’ve been part of the CCFA (Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America), which is been great to kind of talk about…it’s not very great to talk about because it’s kind of embarrassing. I think this thing passing would be really great..for myself, for kids that have it that are going to feel an amount of shame, an amount of degradation that you have anyways as a kid, that uncertainty about living. I was excited to come out for this, because I’ve been wanting this to happen for a long time. If it can it would be wonderful, it’s certainly a debilitating, painful disease we have all suffered from it, this would help us in our daily lives, so thank you for taking the time to listen to us.”

As the wife of a man who has suffered for 24 years from the ravages of Crohn’s Disease and seen the crippling pain and difficulty first hand, TFT’s Kathy is thrilled by the passage of this bill.  May more states follow!  Thanks for speaking out on this tender subject, Mike!CCFA Northwest's Rob Menual, Crohn's patient Lois Fink and Mike

CCFA Northwest’s Rob Menaul, Crohn’s patient Lois Fink, and Mike at the hearing

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