Matt At Semi-Soundgarden Reunion (updated)

by Kathy Davis on March 25, 2009

Our boy Matt Cameron was one of many Seattle luminaries at the re-opening of the Crocodile Cafe’ last night, and drummed in a three-song set with former Soundgarden bandmates Ben Shepherd and Kim Thayil. The semi-reunion, dubbed “Tadgarden” was  fronted by former Tad lead singer Tad Doyle.  

Travis Hay from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer’s Ear Candy music blog wrote about it:

Soundgarden reunites with a new singer at the Croc

March 25, 2009 by Travis Hay

Ear Candy just got back from Tom Morello’s Justice Tour at the Crocodile and was witness to some amazing things.

The show featured Wayne Kramer of The MC5, Steve Earle, Blue Scholars, Mark Arm and, of course Morello, who was playing host/showman as member of both The Nightwatchman and Street Sweeper, his new project with rapper Boots Riley of The Coup.

However, the first major live debut of Street Sweeper, brief solo sets by Earle and Kramer, three songs from Blue Scholars and Mark Arm singing “Kick Out the Jams” with Kramer and Morello were the smallest of the nights highlights.

The biggest highlight came when Morello introduced former Soundgarden members guitarist Kim Thayil, bassist Ben Shepard and drummer Matt Cameron. The three former bandmates took to the stage with none other than Tad Doyle, former frontman of TAD and current powerhouse singer for Brothers of the Sonic Cloth. He led the band through a three-song “Tadgarden” set that included a Soundgarden rarity and a classic.

Doyle, who is good friends with the Soundgarden crew from their days as tour and labelmates on Sub Pop, sang a powerful rendition of “Nothing to Say” and delivered a scream-laden “Spoonman,” which included Morello on rhythm guitar.

It appeared as if a lot of the crowd, which was a mixture of old school grungers in their mid 30s to late 40s and younger Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave fans, didn’t quite know what to make of Doyle. Some were scratching their heads trying to figure out who the behemoth of a man leading a Soundgarden reunion was while others were rocking out while in disbelief of what they were seeing. It was an amazingly impressive site to see an iconic grunge band together again being fronted by a former grunge icon.

More on this show soon, including pictures and a report of what else happened at the Crocodile Tuesday.

The Seattle Weekly had a couple of photos, with promises of more coming:

Kim Thayil of "Tadgarden" from Seattle Weekly

Kim Thayil of "Tadgarden" from Seattle Weekly

Matt, Tad Doyle, Tom Morello & Ben Shepherd-from the Seattle Weekly

Matt, Tad Doyle, Tom Morello & Ben Shepherd-from the Seattle Weekly

Seattle legend DJ Cherry Canoe has many great photos and a nice write-up on her blog:

Matt at the Croc March 24, 2009  from cherry canoe's blog

This and video of the other two songs played can be found at here.

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