Upcoming Book- “Grunge Is Dead”

by Kathy Davis on March 29, 2009


a must read!

 Finally, a book that tells the true story of Seattle rock music from the people who were there since its inception.  Rock journalist Greg Prato, who writes for All Music Guide, Billboard, Classic Rock and Goldmine has written Grunge is Dead: The Oral History of Seattle Rock Music.  The book contains over 130 original interviews conducted for the book over a three-year period. Amongst the interviewees are our boys Ed Vedder and Jeff Ament along with every important witness to the rise of Seattle music – Kim Thayil of Soundgarden,  Layne Staley’s Mom Nancy McCallum, photographer Charles Peterson, Pavitt and Poneman from Sub Pop, Mark Arm – you name it.
About the book, Jeff Ament says, “Finally, a book about the early years of our little scene in Seattle. I can’t wait to hear all the different perspectives from the people that were actually there, not the so-called experts, who didn’t show up until the ’90s.”
Prato explains: “My upcoming Grunge Is Dead book, it is set up in the form of an oral history. Meaning that it’s a collection of quotes from everyone I interviewed – almost like watching a documentary, but instead, it’s a book.” 

When asked which artists have given him the most enjoyable interview, Prado answered, “There have been quite a few. Tops would have to be Eddie Vedder when I interviewed him for Grunge Is Dead, he was gracious enough to be interviewed for nearly two hours, and he told great story after great story. The same with Soundgarden’s Kim Thayil – Kim doesn’t do interviews very often, but he realized early on that I knew my “Soundgarden facts” since I was a long-time fans, and granted me several very long interviews for the grunge book.” 

a recap from ECWpress.com: Grunge Is Dead weaves together the definitive story of the Seattle music scene through a series of interviews with the people who were there. The early ’90s grunge movement may have last only a few years, but it spawned some of the greatest rock music of all time: Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Alice in Chains, and Soundgarden. This book contains the first-ever interview in which Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder was willing to discuss the group’s history in great detail; Alice in Chains’ band members and Layne Staley’s mom on Staley’s drug addiction and death; insights into the Riot Grrrl movement and oft-overlooked but highly influential Seattle bands like Mother Love Bone/Andy Wood, the Melvins, Screaming Trees, and Mudhoney; and much more.

Grunge Is Dead digs deeper than the average grunge history, starting in the early ’60s, and explaining the chain of events that gave way to the grunge movement. The end result is a book that includes a wealth of previously untold stories and insight for the longtime fan, as well as its renowned story for the newcomer. Grunge Is Dead collects the whole truth of grunge music in one comprehensive volume. 

The book is available from ECW Press here and Amazon here (for about half the price!).

Prato will sign copies of his new book at The Book Revue in Huntington, New York on Wednesday, April 8 at 7:00 p.m. (313 New York Ave), and also at Easy Street Records & Cafe in West Seattle on Saturday, April 25 at 6:00 p.m. (4559 California Ave SW). These events are free and open to public.

Kathy Davis ( Twitter: @CrookedArm23 )
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