‘Grunge Is Dead’ Bits….

by Jessica Letkemann on March 30, 2009

So “Grunge Is Dead,” Greg Prato’s doorstopper of an oral history of Seattle music, just landed here at TFT. All 478 pages of it. You’ll have to try hard to keep your head from actually exploding — almost every single page is at least tangentially related to PJ. Even a quick skim comes up with great bon mots like these:

“I remember when Eddie first came to Seattle. The first time I met him was at a party down in the Pike Place market… He stood out a little bit because he had this long grown out mohawk thing that hadn’t been cut in three years or something [laughs]. It wasn’t a mullet, it was a mohawk… He was back and forth [between San Diego and Seattle] during that time, then he moved here and he was staying in their practice space — below an art gallery on First Avenue.  Living there — perfectly content.” -Krishna Augerot (former assistant to Kelly Curtis)

“I’m living in the basement of the little art gallery/artist space we’re renting for practice. And every couple of days I’d go shower at Kelly Curtis’s house or sleep in his basement. I didn’t have a lot of money saved, but I remember getting a certain amount of money for giving Matt Dillon guitar lessons… They gave me a nice check, at least 500 bucks” – Eddie Vedder

“Then I got another call and they said, ‘We need you to come down right now — theres 5000 buck in it for you.’ So I ran downtown and they took polaroids of my head — kind of mug shots, from the back as well — then they cut a big chunk of my hair out. I think I might have gotten 1,000 bucks for that. Then they made a wig for Matt Dillon. I think I also bought a 12-string Rickenbacker… it was on sale for 600 bucks.” – Eddie Vedder

“I did hear that Eddie was living on the couch [of the recording studio where they made Ten] for awhile, when they were making the record. – Jonathan Plum (engineer)

“I remember the day when we were told at the Rocket that Pearl Jam had finally paid off the Mother Love Bone debt. Ten had already been at the top of the charts for maybe months.” – Art Chantry (concert poster graphic designer)

Good stuff.

Jessica Letkemann ( Twitter: @Letkemann )
TFT co-editor Jessica Letkemann is a New York based digital music journalist & editor. She's currently VP & Editor-In-Chief of Digital at Fuse Media (Fuse.tv) and was previously managing editor of Billboard.com. She has also been on staff at Spin and Premiere magazines. Her first Pearl Jam show was at Lollapalooza on August 2, 1992.

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