Whole Band Shows Up For “The People Speak”

by Kathy Davis on April 17, 2009

Pearl Jam makes surprise visit to Atlanta Film Festival

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Pearl Jam makes surprise visit to Atlanta Film Festival

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pearl Jam, a rock band born from the ’90s “grunge” movement, made a surprise visit Thursday to opening night of the Atlanta Film Festival.

The quintet made a low-key entrance to the festival — avoiding the red carpet — to see lead singer Eddie Vedder’s appearance in the Tony Sacco film, “The People Speak,” festival executive director Gabriel Wardell said.

The film, based on writings by Howard Zinn, features a cast of celebrities reading letters and memoirs by people who spoke up for their rights.

“One thing about this film, and seeing it tonight, you can’t help but be inspired by these people who fought and died for their rights,” Vedder said.

Actors Josh Brolin and Jasmine Guy and rocker Rich Robinson of The Black Crowes also appear in the film and attended the festival’s opening night.

The group debuted in 1991 with the chart-topping album “Ten,” and followed with consecutive Billboard No. 1 albums “Vs.,” “Vitalogy,” and “No Code.”

Pearl Jam won their only Grammy in 1995 for the record “Spin the Black Circle.”

Wardell said the group was in town making a new album with Atlanta producer Brendan O’Brien, the mastermind behind several of Pearl Jam’s hit albums and Bruce Springsteen’s Grammy-winning Best Rock album “The Rising,” and latest work, “Working on a Dream.”

Vid of Ed’s appearance:

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