April 2009

New DEEP magazine done, Holiday single end of April & “plans for the rest of 2009 are shaping up and it looks to be a very full year”


B at TheSkyIScrape pointed out some new retro PJ shirts for sale at PearlJam.com..and we found a cool hoodie too

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Matt C. played RockBand online last week – here is one gamers’ brief word on how it went

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The Ten Re-issue is selling amazingly well everywhere…here’s a brief global chart roundup


Starting April 22, the Kokua Foundation is auctioning off tickets to Ed Ved’s July 1st Waikiki show


DrumCore composing software features a Matt Cameron module done by the man himself

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Thick Pic: Ten Takes Manhattan

by Jessica Letkemann on April 1, 2009

Walking home from a concert last night in lower Manhattan and posters for “Ten Redux” wheatpasted to the sides of foreclosed Soho boutiques jumped out at me. Ah, resessionomics. Like “Ten,” it’s so 1991. This tryptich was taken on Spring near the Bowery (that’s somewhat around the corner from CBGB for those of you not familiar with New York). Rock.