Cold Case Part 2 Recap

by Kathy Davis on May 11, 2009

      Pearl Jameriffic episode #2 of CBS TV show “Cold Case” was broadcast Sunday May 10, 2009  and like a good little Pearl Jam Geek, I took notes on what songs were used and where.  Our recap of how they were used on the first episode of the 2-part finale is here.   Note:  I listed the approximate times of the songs’ appearances, hence the numbers in the beginning of each description below.


1.  Opening Sequence:  “Once” w/intro snippet during montage of detective Lily Rush as a child riding her bike through a puddle/her car sinking into the water. As car going farther down and detective swimming out of car “I’ll relive it without pain”  comes out of water at “backstreet lover”.   “Once upon a time I could control myself” as she crawls onto land


2.  :12 “Alive” scene in gym as cadets are being put through drills with battering poles, Kate Butler volunteering and going head to head with male cadet and taking him down “Now I can’t see I just stare” as she beats him


3.  :21 “Man of The Hour” flashback of conversation between Kate Butler’s Dad and an employees of Military Institute about Butler’s disappearance “…goodbye for now” toward end of conversation


4.  :24 “Nothingman”  flashback of  Butler’s Dad’s recollection of “outstanding merit” medal  being presented to her at school ceremony


5.  :31 “Given To Fly” first verse and chorus plays under flashback of Butler talking to fellow cadet who was interested in her romantically talking about that and about her fitting in with other cadets


6.  :42  “Release” from song’s beginning, guitar parts swell up as Cadet Brian comes to visit Kate Butler in her room offering to compare class notes, and she tells him she’s going out to meet “Echo company” of Cadets. He is jealous as the others don’t want to hang out with him, things escalate and he hits her in head with five pound weight, killing her. “oh dear Dad, can you see me now” echoes to fade as Butler is shown face down on the floor


7.  :50 “Immortality” guitar right before first verse and “Vacate is the word” swells in during flashback of Cadet Brian confesses to school headmaster that he hurt Butler;  “victims in demand” as flashback ends


8.  :54 “Black” ending montage of Det. Lily Rush’s father reading a letter he had written to her apologizing for not being there for her throughout her life, and montage of Kate Butler’s murder being solved and guilty party being arrested.   “I know someday you’ll have a beautiful life I know you’ll be a star in somebody else’s life” as episode ends with Det. Rush in hospital recovering from delayed injuries sustained from car going into water, and father at bedside holding her hand.  

Kathy Davis ( Twitter: @CrookedArm23 )
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