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by Kathy Davis on May 15, 2009

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The show is still on!  Montana’s greatest punk band Deranged Diction, featuring the one and only Jeff Ament, are playing their first live show in 25ish years tonight at the recently reopened Crocodile Cafe in Seattle, WA!  We all know that Jeff has a long and rich musical history, but who thought we’d get to re-live it? First Green River, now this! Can’t wait to hear about this amazing reunion. 

Deranged Diction Guitarist/Vocalist Rod Moody is one of the busiest Seattle musicians around!  He’s been in at least 20 bands or so over the years and has a great website  detailing his musical exploits. Though his site hasn’t been updated in a while, we do know that besides the gig with Deranged Diction, Rod has recently revived old band The Fuzz  ( featuring  TFT pal Tom Hendrickson on drums!).  Back in 2006, Rod spoke with blog lamestain about his time in Deranged Diction:

When were you in the band?


Why did the band relocate to Seattle?

I joined the band after they moved, so I’m guessing that Missoula was boring and they were looking to find a more active scene.

What did you think of Seattle’s hardcore/punk scene at the time?

It was fine. Lots of fast, loud bands with lots of attitude and little substance. Of course, I’m old now, so I can say that. I was pretty removed from the punk “community” for the most part. Just went to shows, played shows, then jumped on the bus back home to my safety zone in West Seattle. Back then I thought it was pretty amazing though. Once things shifted into metal territory, I lost interest–temporarily at least.

Did the band tour at all?

No, just played Vancouver BC and Tacoma, once each.

Who did you share bills with?

Husker Du, Butthole Surfers, Stalag 13, Boot Boys, Rejectors, Accused, Circle 7, Mr. Epp, Silly Killers, Malfunkshun, Aerobic Death, LockJaw, Spluii Numa, He-Sluts, March of Crimes, Extreme Hate, DSML, and probably a few more.

Mark Arm once said that Diction went from being “one of the fastest bands around to one of the slowest and weirdest.” How did that happen, and are there any recordings from this era?

I think he was exaggerating, because apart from a couple of slower songs (one dirge and a couple midtempo tunes) we kept things pretty fast throughout. But, yeah we were leaning toward the direction that early Green River eventually nailed. Jeff was moving away from his early influences like DC hardcore and was immersing himself in Bad Company and Kiss records. I started bringing my songs into the band, some of which were a bit more midtempo punk, and I started playing guitar with them, which crunched up the sound a bit. No recordings from this time apart from a couple of cheapo rehearsal tapes.

Did Tim Healy, Tom Kipp, or Sergio Avenia end up in any other bands?

Don’t know about Healy or Kipp…never knew them. I do know Kipp is living in Seattle — here’s a link.

Sergio moved to New York over 10 years ago and began playing jazz with many excellent musicians and drove a taxi in Manhattan. He later moved back to Seattle. Andy from Swallow was playing jazz with him recently, and he tells me Serg is focused on piano now instead of drums.

Why did the band break up?

This is a bit hazy…. Jeff claimed in an interview that he didn’t think the rest of the band was taking it seriously. I honestly can’t remember what led to the breakup. I just recall us not practicing for a while, and then discovering we were no longer a band. I seem to remember someone else telling me that Jeff was jamming with Mark, and I was like “oh, really?”

Where you any bands in between Diction & Swallow?

Yeah, I was in a bar band playing covers. Mostly tasteful covers, at least.

Any reissue plans?

I’ve heard rumors, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

Thank goodness the rumors came true! Don’t forget you can purchase the Deranged Diction re-issue at here.  And it looks like the Official Deranged Diction My Space page is getting a little update action. Check out their archive of old school photos and awesome flyers.  Rock!

Kathy Davis ( Twitter: @CrookedArm23 )
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