Thick Pix: Matt The Tube Lollapalooza Gallery

by Kathy Davis on May 17, 2009

Back in March we posted this picture of Ed from Matt “The Tube” Crowley’s Flickr page.  FYI, Matt The Tube was one of the “freaks”  from the Jim Rose Circus Sideshow, which performed on the second stage during the Lollapalooza 1992 tour.  Matt was the man who forced ketchup, beer and other liquids into his stomach with crude hand pump and seven-foot tube, then sucked the transmogrified bile back out with reverse pressure, offering said bile to any onlookers that dared drink the stuff. And boy, did Eddie dare! 

Fortunately for us – I think – Ed’s Bile Imbibement remains well-documented. We discussed it at length back in ’97 with our Lollapalooza Retrospective article; in a nutshell Ed was pretty competitive about wanting to drink more overall than other Lolla tourmates who dared compete..his chief rival was Ministry’s Al Jourgensen.

Thanks once again to Matt The Tube, here are a few more pictures  from that fateful Bile Beer-filled summer of 1992.

Here’s video of Matt tubing it and a brief glimpse of Ed drinking it from a 1992 Seattle TV show.


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