Thick Pick: PJ Boys Playing Baseball At Fenway

by Kathy Davis on May 21, 2009

what an arm!

what an arm!

I’m not sure exactly who moderates this website or blog, but the gentleman that maintains (a website that maintains a database of – guess what? – local baseball parks where kids can play) was apparently hanging out at an empty Fenway Park back on May 25, 2006 (the same day PJ played Banknorth Garden in Boston) and caught this video of EdVed, Jeff, Boom and what may be Mike horsing around at Fenway Park – batting, fielding, running around.  They look like they are having a blast!  Here’s what the blogmaster has to say:

I caught this video of Eddie Vedder and some of the guys from Pearl Jam playing Ball at Fenway park in Boston. I just happened to have my camera there and saw them playing with Theo Epstein. I shot this on May 25, 2006…..

Here’s what we have in the Concert Chronology about Theo showing up at the show that night:

Before “Indifference,” Ed discusses how the proceeds for the show are going to benefit a charity for homeless children in the city and how a great man and his cohorts promised they’d match the donation. He seems moved to know such a man “with intelligence and heart,” and says you may have heard of him since his name is Theo Epstein (young General Manager of the Boston Red Sox and massive PJ fan)”. The crowd goes bananas. After years of fans begging the band to play “Leash”, it’s played to a huge roar, with the crowd signing loudly along. Before “Rockin in the Free World,” a man in a brown hooded PJ sweatshirt and blue PJ ballcap comes out to join them for the set. He jams with the band and is clearly into the set. He whips his hat into the crowd, then his thick mullet wig, and it’s revealed to be Theo Epstein himself! The Boston fans go wild and chant “Theo-Theo!” Ed puts on a Terry Francona (Red Sox Manager) Red Sox jersey and they play “Yellow Ledbetter”.

And now we present: The PJ All-Stars!


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