PJ Mentioned/Covered at Sasquatch

by Kathy Davis on May 24, 2009

Day one of the Sasquatch Festival on Saturday May 23rd unearthed a couple of nice little PJ-related tidbits - and as you know, here at TwoFeetThick random PJ tidbits are our favorite thing. The band didn’t play the Sasquatch Festival 2009, but their influence was certainly present. 

Tidbit 1: Vince Mira – Last year at the San Francisco date of Stone Gossard’s Timberland Earthkeeper tour, I was blown away by the channeling of Johnny Cash and Hank Williams I heard when I saw Vince Mira perform. Though he was born the year Pearl Jam’s popularity exploded (1992), musician Mira has skill and talent that belies his age.  He counts Stone as a mentor, and talked briefly with the Olympia, WA newspaper The Olympian about their friendship:

How did you hook up with Stone Gossard (guitarist for Pearl Jam)? Tell me about the stuff you’re doing with him.

I was playing at a centennial (concert) for Pike Place Market in Seattle (in 2007), and I played before Stone. I guess he called the Pike Place workers or whoever was running the whole festival. And then he called me one day on my phone. I answered and it’s Stone Gossard, and he wanted me to record some songs (for a Hank Williams tribute album) at his studio. 

That’s gotta be unexpected. 

Being a huge Hank Williams fan, I was like, “Yeah.” So I took a couple of songs that were my favorites, and we went down to the recording studio and we recorded them. 

Has he become sort of a mentor?

Yeah, of course. We’ve had the recording. We’ve done three or four Hank Williams shows in Seattle. And we did a benefit show for Timbaland. So, yeah, I’ve been in contact with Stone. He’s a real good friend of mine. And yeah, he is a mentor. … He always gives me good advice on the music business and everything.

Mr. Mira also mentioned Stone during his set at Sasquatch, according to Travis Hay’s Ear Candy blog.

Vince Mira Sasquatch 2009

Vince Mira Sasquatch 2009

Being the first act to play the main stage at a major music festival can be tough, but Vince Mira, the teenage Johnny Cash vocal doppelganger, took to the task well. He was all smiles during his set of originals and Cash covers and looked ridiculously comfortable gracing the Gorge sage.Yes indeed, during the early afternoon hours when the temperature was just beginning to heat things up for the day Vince Mira was on cool customer.

During “Ring of Fire” he sang half the verses in Spanish. “25 Minutes To Go” was a rollicking stomp-and-clap-along joy to hear in the afternoon sunshine. He gave a shout out to Stone Gossard and when a fan in the front yelled out “Federal Way!” he responded with a big smile and a peace sign. It was great to not only see Mira make a return visit to Sasquatch! (he played the Yeti stage in 2008) but also great to see such a young, local talent open the weekend’s music on the main stage.

Vince’s latest EP Cash Cabin Sessions  was produced by none other than John Carter Cash, son of the late great Johnny.  He recently did an eight week residency at Seattle club Can Can. Two thumbs way up to the young “man in black”.  This bio is a great rundown of Vince’s musical journey:

Born in Los Angles, California and raised in San Antonio, Texas the young singer/songwriter Vince Mira, was discovered by entertainment producer Chris Snell (owner of Seattle night club, Can Can) while playing for tips in Seattle’s Pike Place Market. He is now on his way to becoming a household name. His first album was produced by John Carter Cash (Johnny Cash and June Carter’s only son) and recorded at the Cash Cabin (built by Johnny Cash) in Nashville, Tennessee. Prior to the completion of recording “Cash Cabin Sessions” the Vince Mira buzz began to spread followed by a media frenzy.

First featured on KOMO News in Seattle, Washington, KOMO’s affiliate, Good Morning America, picked up the story immediately… 2 weeks later Vince captured the nation with a breathtaking live performance in front of over 5 million viewers. Subsequently, the Ellen DeGeneres Show aired his Good Morning America clip where Ellen personally invited Vince to the Ellen Show during their national broadcast the same day… two weeks later Vince received a standing ovation on the show while performing in front of millions of viewers during yet another outstanding live performance. Mr. Mira’s other television appearances include Northwest Afternoon and Univision (KOMO’s Spanish affiliate); as well as features in print media outlets such as Seattle Sound Magazine, Seattle Times, Seattle Magazine, Seattle Weekly, and many others.

He recently recorded with Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam for Stone’s upcoming “Hank Williams Tribute” CD. Mr. Mira’s “Cash Cabin Sessions” CD release was February 26, 2008 at the Triple Door Theatre where he performed two shows to sold out audiences with his band The Roy Kay Trio.

Tidbit #2 – The Gaslight Anthem  New Brunswick, New Jersey punk rock group The Gaslight Anthem also performed on Day one of ’09 Sasquatch, and their set included a cover of State Of Love and Trust.  The band has covered the song on occasion, and the commonalities they share with Pearl Jam made me giggle. They cite Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen,  Neil Young  (hmmm, what other band shares the love of those three?) and Otis Redding as influences.  Singer Brian Fallon has this to say about the recording of their latest release The ’59 Sound (say, didn’t I just talk about Mike’s love of the ’59 Strat and his ’59 tattoo the other day?):

“We tried to make these songs feel as alive as possible and approach it like we were writing a set list,” Fallon describes. “Instead of thinking about it like writing a record, we just wanted to write the coolest live songs that we could. We wrote this record with the intention of playing it live and it’s really a preview of seeing us onstage,” he adds.

I find that comment interesting considering PJ re-recorded a live-style “Even Flow” after Dave Abbruzzese joined the band that was used to accompany the song’s promo video.  Synergies abound!

Here’s a video of The Gaslight Anthem covering “State” at the Zoe Club in Milan, Italy on Feb. 24, 2009.  Enjoy!

Kathy Davis ( Twitter: @CrookedArm23 )
A Bay-Area based entrepreneur, co-editor Kathy conceives and writes her share of TFT’s articles and sections. She was co-editor/co-founder of one of the first Pearl Jam fanzines "Footsteps" (1992-1997). Kathy’s first Pearl Jam show was at the Bridge School Benefit on November 1, 1992.

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