PJ Rock Band Best Buy Exclusives Released For All

by Kathy Davis on June 23, 2009

This just in from Harmonix, the manufacturer of video game Rock Band, via 1UP.com.  Oh and if you’re not a game and don’t know what the hell DLC means, it’s downloadable content.  Which means you can buy it and download it and play it, and stuff.

More Pearl Jam DLC Heading to Rock Band

The formerly Best Buy exclusive Ten Bonus Pack is coming to the in-game music store this week.

By Dustin Quillen, 06/22/2009

Rock Band enthusiasts might recall a three-pack of Pearl Jam tracks that were made available exclusively through Best Buy preorders of the band’s recently rereleased debut album, Ten. Don’t panic if you missed out on that opportunity, though; Harmonix just announced that all three of the Pearl Jam tracks from the Best Buy promotion — along with the previously announced Warped Tour DLC — are coming to the in-game music store this week.

The Ten Bonus Pack will be available for download this Tuesday, June 23 on Xbox 360 and Thursday, June 25 on PlayStation 3 for $5.49 (440 Microsoft points). Songs from the three-pack will also be individually priced at $1.99 (160 Microsoft points). Included are the following tracks: 

  • “Brother” by Pearl Jam
  • “Alive” by Pearl Jam, live from the Drop in the Park concert
  • “State of Love & Trust” by Pearl Jam, live from the Drop in the Park concert  

It’s a shame that one of the three songs in this bundle is a live version of a track that’s already on the Rock Band 2 disc, but hey, Pearl Jam fans will probably be more than pleased. There’s always that forthcoming live Pearl Jam project to look forward to for truly new music, anyhow.

Faux rock!

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