Backspacer Art Treasure Hunt: TFT Edition

by Jessica Letkemann on July 29, 2009

So, by now, you’ve no doubt read about the web-wide treasure hunt goin’ down to find pieces of Tom Tomorrow’s cool artwork for PJ’s “Backspacer” so that you can unlock a special free “Backspacer”-related  song download. Our Kathy Davis even wrote about it this morning.

Well, we’re now proud to offer you our very own official TwoFeetThick piece o the puzzle. Click the art below and you’ll be 1/9th closer to your 3:36 seconds of new PJ sonic goodness.

Jessica Letkemann ( Twitter: @Letkemann )
TFT co-editor Jessica Letkemann is a New York based digital music journalist & editor. She's currently VP & Editor-In-Chief of Digital at Fuse Media ( and was previously managing editor of She has also been on staff at Spin and Premiere magazines. Her first Pearl Jam show was at Lollapalooza on August 2, 1992.

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