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by Kathy Davis on August 3, 2009

Why in the world is a Pearl Jam fansite posting about a country band?  That’s because semi-cool country musical duo Kristian Bush and Jennifer Nettles, aka Sugarland have a new live CD/DVD coming out entitled “Live On The Inside” which features, amongst other covers, a version of our very own Pearl Jam’s “Better Man” on the CD.  It appears as though the song is not included on the DVD – maybe it’s a Special Feature?    (And pardon us for using the term “semi-cool” with respect to the duo, but we feel compelled to since the DVD is a Walmart exclusive and well, we’re anti-Walmart’s censorship/refusal-to-stock policies).  

Sugarland is pretty darn good though as far as country bands go, and this offering has some sweet covers like R.E.M.’s “Nightswimming” & “The One I Love” as well as PJ pals Kings of Leon’s “Sex On Fire”. The release hits the store tomorrow, but can be ordered from the usual  internet sites if you’d like to add it to your collection. Here is Kristian Bush talking to about the song’s inclusion:

Which covers did you personally campaign for to be on the record?I wanted ‘Better Man’ and [Kings of Leon's] ‘Sex on Fire’ on there real bad. With the Pearl Jam song, I love the idea of a woman singing about that topic. It’s one thing with Eddie Vedder singing it — it has a different connotation when a man is singing about a woman who is in a domestically abusive relationship. It’s completely different when a woman sings it to you. And as for ‘Sex on Fire,’ I’m just a big Kings fan!


Do you know if Michael Stipe or any of the guys in R.E.M. have heard your versions of ‘Nightswimming’ and ‘The One I Love’?This is the most exciting part … I wanted to send copies of these covers to all these bands, and I don’t necessarily want them to endorse us, but I just want to ask. And I knew the guys in R.E.M. had been contacted about us doing the songs. Apparently, they think it’s great! And apparently the Kings [of Leon] guys got asked in an interview the other day how they felt about having a song on an upcoming country CD. Of course, there were a lot of expletives, like, ‘That’s the f—ing greatest thing I’ve f—ing ever heard!’ [laughs] I’m still waiting on the Pearl Jam guys … I don’t know any of them, but I admire them so much. So I kind of don’t want to know if they don’t like it!


A one-hour special featuring DVD highlights from “Live From The Inside”  is on U.S. TV station ABC at 8:oo p.m tonight, however since “Better Man” isn’t included in the DVD it’s a longshot for broadcast.  Geeky us, we’ll be watching anyway.

Kathy Davis ( Twitter: @CrookedArm23 )
A Bay-Area based entrepreneur, co-editor Kathy conceives and writes her share of TFT’s articles and sections. She was co-editor/co-founder of one of the first Pearl Jam fanzines "Footsteps" (1992-1997). Kathy’s first Pearl Jam show was at the Bridge School Benefit on November 1, 1992.

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