LA3: Cornell & Cantrell

by Kathy Davis on October 7, 2009

pretty much sums up the night 6 October 2009

pretty much sums up the night 6 October 2009

Can’t. Type. Brain.Broken. Mind. Blown.

One of my fondest post-Pearl Jam show activities is going back to the hotel room and making use of the wave of adrenaline to re-live the amazing night, either by writing about it or squealing with my fellow hardcores. As of yet I find myself slightly unable to put what I experienced into words; it is all I can do to upload photos at this point until my poor overwhelmed brain recovers from watching and listening to the stellar-voiced Chris Cornell once again join our Pearl Jam boys for Hunger Strike. As if that wasn’t overwhelming enough, I then watched Mike McCready walk side stage, take his guitar off and strap the thing across the body of Alice In Chain’s guiarist Jerry Cantrell, who then proceeded to SHRED the final solos in “Alive”. And then, my brain exploded.

For now, here is some visual proof of the historical night at Gibson Amphitheatre, Rocktober 6th, 2009!

NOTE: All photos by Kathy Davis, who is too tired to tag them.   Please link to this gallery if re-posting, or at least credit me. Thanks

And here’s a wee bit of “Hunger Strike”:

Thank you and goodnight!

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