Tom Tomorrow Chicago Poster Sale

by Kathy Davis on October 13, 2009


A limited run of 90 signed, numbered 9-color silk-screened editions of Kathy’s personal favorite 2009 Pearl Jam tour poster, Tom Tomorrow’s Chicago 2 design will be available for purchase on his website this Wednesday October 14 at Noon Eastern Standard Time.  70 bux plus 10 for shipping – a STEAL on a special unique collectible like this!  Cross post from

I’ll be putting my Chicago posters up for sale Wednesday at noon EST in the Posters For Sale section. This is a signed and numbered edition of 100, with 90 posters actually for sale (I’m setting aside the rest for friends and family). Cost of the poster will be $70, with $10 flat rate postage, including mandatory insurance. (These are domestic postage rates– overseas customers, go ahead and purchase at this price, with the understanding that you will receive a second invoice for the balance of actual postage costs.) Limit one per customer. Shipping will probably take 4-6 weeks — I’m a one-man band, and there are only so many hours in the week.

forgot to mention, these are 9-color silkscreened posters, not standard offset litho.

… also, I have absolutely no idea what to expect for sales here — I may end up with a big stack of these things sitting in my flatfiles for years to come — but I’m told there’s at least a chance they’ll sell briskly, for whatever that may be worth.

A CHANCE THAT THEY’LL SELL BRISKLY??  bwahahahahahahahaha Mr. Tomorrow knows not whom he addresses – the unique human that is The Pearl Jam Hardcore. Show him what we’re made of, people!  Think we can crash his server like we do at the Ten Club when tickets go on sale? :D


Kathy Davis ( Twitter: @CrookedArm23 )
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