It’s all that’s left of Leatherman!

by John Reynolds on November 9, 2009

Leather Man's Grave

Leather Man's Grave recently published a letter from Eddie recommending a book called The Old Leather Man written by Dan DeLuca.

The Sky I Scrape  quickly highlighted a Defcon 3 fact within that letter that Ed actually penned two songs about the Leather Man – “Leatherman” and “Leatherman II”.  Will “Leatherman II” ever see the light of day? After October’s Spectrum-B-side-extravaganza, you never know!

“Leatherman” has unique visibility in Pearl Jam’s catalog.  It has been played 56 times live, which is a lot for a B-side.  However, it has been released only as a B-side to the “Given To Fly” single but was left off the Lost Dogs double CD of B-sides.

In 2005, reader and upstate New York historian Rob Yasinsac contributed a Seeker about the Leather Man entitled “Who is the Real Leatherman?“. Dan DeLuca picked up on it quickly and also contributed facts about this legendary figure.

The song is also the third puzzle piece to the “Man Trilogy” – the uncorrelated triple play of “Better Man”, “Nothingman” and “Leatherman”.  Read more about how many times the “Man Trilogy” has been played.

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