What were the modified lyrics to “Supersonics”?

by John Reynolds on November 30, 2009


Super Sonics

The Seattle Supersonics were an NBA Basketball team from 1967 to 2008, before they relocated to Oklahoma as the Oklahoma City Thunder.  Oooooh … “Thunder” … scary!

What’s scarier is how easily Seattle was left without a Basketball team. In the American sports world, Seattle is considered a small-market city; so when a sports franchise leaves your city, it is especially hard for fans to swallow.  In Seattle’s case, it now leaves them with only a few professional sports teams – Seattle Mariners (baseball) and Seattle Seahawks (football) and the Seattle Sounders (soccer) – no Hockey, and of course, no Basketball.

Now when arguably the biggest Seattle rock band loved the Supersonics, you can imagine the opportunity Pearl Jam had to voice their opinion. Thus, on September 21-22, 2009, Pearl Jam played the two nights at Seattle’s Key Arena – the former home of the Supersonics. Backspacer was released earlier in the week, and the synonymous track “Supersonic” was left off the setlist the first night, but was played as the first song of the Second Encore on night two. Ed introduced the song, segueing from a discussion about the absence of beer (the horror!) at Key Arena.

I’m reminded (that) you’re not allowed to buy beer in this place or bring it in here? (What’s) the deal? (Crowd boos). I came here to a Paul McCartney concert and … you couldn’t drink beer at a Paul McCartney concert?  Is there gonna be a riot?  Is he singing “all you need is love” and all you can think of is “all I need is a fucking beer”? I mean, why can’t you drink a beer at a Paul McCartney concert, but you can come here and drink beer at a Sonics game or something – oh no you can’t, sorry (crowd boos). More on that later, but I tell ya, I think the people here have spoken.  You gotta allow some beerdrinking in this room if they’re gonna go to an entertainment kinda event. (crowd cheers) The people have spoken and they have said “we – want – beer … and healthcare!”.  And ya know it’s one thing the Sonics left but they had to take their fucking banners with them?  They couldn’t leave us their banners?  I think we earned the banners….  So we have a song on this last record and it’s called “Supersonic” but tonight it’s gonna be “OTOTO” – one time one time only – tonight it’s gonna be called “Supersonics” with the lyrics specifically designed for the occasion.

The song was played note-for-note and here are Ed’s modified lyrics:

Yeah, my heart’s breaking – bought and sold
Feel like a virgin (that) got turned into a whore, yeah
You took the flags but I must let go
How deep you thinking about the love that you sold?

Supersonics going to my soul
I bought my ticket but the game was gone, yeah
Supersonics, truth be told
I don’t care about this to ever let this go

I’ve been bleeding the yellow and green
For years now you’re pissing all over me
Solidarity or so I thought
And now you’re telling me to just get fucked, yeah

Supersonics going to my soul
I bought my ticket but the game was gone, yeah
Supersonics, truth be told
I don’t care about this to wanna let you go, yeah
Supersonics how I hear it now
Won’t drink your coffee ’til you give back the ball, yeah

Thanks to YouTube’s mfc172 for the HD video complete with SBD audio:

Here’s some more Seattle Supersonics related minutia:

A 1994 VHS Home Video “NBA Superstars” featured Pearl Jam’s “Go” accompanying Supersonics’ legend Sean Kemp

A 2009 Seattle poster also featured Sean Kemp:

In a 2009 Interview with Gregg LaGambina from Shockhound, Jeff had some nice words about the relocated Oklahoma City Thunder team, but harsh words on the politics around the Supersonics move

SHOCKHOUND: As a fan of basketball, do you feel a certain karmic satisfaction that the Oklahoma City Thunder are currently in last place? [The Seattle Supersonics were sold last year and moved to Oklahoma.]

AMENT: Nah. I think, for me, I have a little bit of an attachment to those guys because I saw them play some games last year, but I’m mostly just down on pro sports. In particular, I’m down on the NBA. I just think pro sports in general, everything’s caught up to it, whether it’s steroids or the price of tickets or leagues holding cities hostage over building new stadiums and all the under-the-table deals that go along with that crap. I’m a sports fan, but everybody shouldn’t be taxed to build a stadium. Not everybody is using it and not everybody is getting benefits out of it. It’s just crazy that billionaires are holding cities hostage. In some ways it’s probably good that Seattle doesn’t have to deal with that now because those teams are just money pits right now. And it’s probably not the best time now to have a whole bunch of those.

John Reynolds ( Twitter: @jjjrrr )
A New Jersey based programmer, John handles TFT’s programming and technical aspects. He also conceives and writes his share of TFT’s articles and sections. John’s first Pearl Jam show was at Lollapalooza on August 12, 1992.

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Mike November 30, 2009 at 2:51 pm

“Feel like I burned and got too deep (in)to a hole”????

I’m pretty sure it is “Feel like a virgin that got turned into a whore!”

“Won’t drink your coffee ’til you give back the bar, yeah” – I think “bar” is ball…………

John Reynolds December 1, 2009 at 11:29 pm

Mike, i think you’re right! Duly noted above.

Mike December 7, 2009 at 3:12 pm


NIce work!! I had to point out the ‘whore’ line because it is hilarious and fantastic!!

Alejandro December 14, 2009 at 4:42 pm

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Appleby January 12, 2010 at 9:47 am

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Rachel May 31, 2010 at 3:51 am

sounds accurate

Karl May 31, 2010 at 3:54 am

thx!tab seems just like the band

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