Legendary Vedder Video Surfaces

by Kathy Davis on December 11, 2009

You’ve seen these metallic “bat wings” gracing the stage of many a Pearl Jam and Ed Vedder solo show over the years, and may have wondered what the hell they were and why the were there.  Now you can see where the wings got their start, thanks to this remarkable, previously unreleased video of Ed performing “Jeremy” and The Frogs tune “The Longing Goes Away”, at the Fox Theatre in St. Louis,  March 15, 1994.  The Frogs official You Tube Channel has recently been updated with several videos featuring our man Ed, and if it wasn’t for Dennis from the Bugs mailing list, we’d have missed them!

While we’re not ones to normally re-post Wikipedia info, this write-up from The Frogs wiki pretty much explains the whole deal pretty well:

In 1995 Pearl Jam included a cover of their own “Rearviewmirror” by The Frogs as the b-side to their “Immortality” single and then the following year Pearl Jam released a song called “Smile” on their No Code album, with the lyrics of the song taken directly from a note that Dennis hid inside Eddie Vedder’s notebook when he was on stage performing. The words used in the note are taken from the Frogs songs “This Is How I Feel” and “Now I Wanna Be Dead”. Vedder has told the story of “Smile” several times while performing in Milwaukee. Dennis also gave Vedder a small pair of bat wings from the Frogs’ early days, and Vedder has proudly displayed them behind his guitar amplifier. (The wings can seen on the front cover of Touring Band 2000.) Pearl Jam has unfortunately never performed a Frogs song, but Eddie Vedder has sung “I Only Play 4 Money”, “Starboy”, and “The Longing Goes Away” with The Frogs on more than one occasion. In 1994, Eddie Vedder Joined The Frogs on Stage at the Chicago Stadium wearing a long golden robe only to be boo’d off stage by fans not knowing it was him.

Here is the amazing footage from St. Louis, which also has The Frogs doing “The Longing” at another show tacked onto the end.

Other Frogs videos featuring Ed can be seen by clicking each listing below. Enjoy this wonderful and unique footage!

The Frogs w/ Eddie Vedder – Creep / Jeremy  03/06/1994

The Frogs w/ Eddie Vedder – I Only Play 4 Money 03/13/1994

The Frogs w/ Eddie Vedder – I Only Play 4 Money 07/09/1995

Amphibian Rock!

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