A Christmas Gift: Jan 1991 Harpo’s Victoria

by John Reynolds on December 24, 2009

Mookie Blaylock Poster 1991-01-10

Mookie Blaylock Poster 1991-01-10

Fan Sylvan Smyth, forwarded us a blog entry by Victoria rock historian Jeremy Baker that included a poster for a “Mookie Blalock” (sic) show at Harpo’s from January 10, 1991!

Both Two Feet Thick and Five Horizons had known a show at Harpo’s had occurred in that time period, but could never confirm it.  Another article from the Vancouver Sun describes this show as only the fourth Mookie Blaylock show ever (fourth? we’ll have to follow up on that) and the first outside of the U.S. (check).  The show was hooked up by “Harpo’s talent bookers Marcus Pollard and Gary Van Buskirk, who had previously booked Ament and Gossard at the club during their days in Seattle punk outfit Green River.”

Thanks again to Sylvan Smith and extended thanks to Jeremy Baker, Mike Devlin, Marcus Pollard and Gary Van Buskirk!

This is another great example of nearly 20-year-old Pearl Jam info surfacing and loyal fans sharing this info so we can turn it around and publish it for you. Do you have any early 1990-91-92 info? Do you have something you think is rare? Any concert memories from shows that we don’t have information on? If so, contact us!

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