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by Kathy Davis on February 6, 2010

Nothing super major on the Pearl Jam news front as of late, but there are still some great bits of info to be had about the fellas in our band.

Ed Puts Pen To Paper For Pals: First up, the ever magnanimous Ed Vedder wrote a fantastic note offering his support and enthusiasm for former Dead Moon members Fred and Toody Cole’s latest musical venture, Pierced Arrows.  The record label Viceland Records has the best writeup about the whole process, including Ed’s old school way of communicating:

When the guy from Pearl Jam found out that Vice was releasing the new Pierced Arrows album (because we told him) he insisted on writing a blurb for the press materials (because we asked him). Yesterday morning that blurb arrived in the form of a handwritten note from Eddie Vedder.

Like transcendentalist icon Henry David Thoreau, Vedder does not subscribe to our culture’s pervasive sense of technological determinism and so abstains from such depersonalizing contrivances as email and ichat to conduct his business, relying instead on traditional means of interaction like letter-writing, and having his assistant read him his emails over the phone and then faxing Eddie’s response to whoever sent the email.

The note itself: vedder-letter2resize

The letter reads: In a day and age where authenticity is harder to come by than an honest Republican, legends Fred & Toody Cole deliver on every record and at every show.  After having seen thousands of concerts and hundreds of bands, Dead Moon and Pierced Arrows gigs still reign supreme at the top of the heap for me.  Music can be so many different things for different people - for myself and the faithful, Fred & Toody epitomize the true potential and purest meaning of straight, no chaser Rock & Roll.

Not just righteous, but right.  (signed) Seattle, Nov. 2009.

Viceland Records goes on to say:

We love this note not only for its potent quotability and rubber-stamp Republican joke, but for the way several of its major elements neatly encapsulate the jumbling, tousle-headed stewpot of paradoxes that is the Vedman:

1. He forswears email, yet regularly employs the @-sign in lieu of “at.”

2. He claims to be a longtime fan of both Dead Moon and ladies’ rights, yet consistently fails to capitalize the name of the band’s sole female member.

3. He qualifies Fred and Toody’s “rock n roll-ness” by referencing a Thelonious Monk album. (That would be the “Straight No Chaser” part – Kath)

As baffling as it is challenging and powerful.

By the way if you missed that link in the first line, Vice Records just put out the new Pierced Arrows album. Click here to buy it. It rules so good.

Pierced Arrows hit the road soon,  kicking off their U.S. Tour February 23rd in Fargo, North Dakota and wrapping up April 13th in Pontiac, Michigan (whew!)  Check ‘em out, yo! Full tour listing here.

Mike Pays Tribute to Friel Father: It is with sadness and sympathy that we mention the passing of Dick Friel, father of longtime friends of Mike McCready,  Chris and Rick Friel.  (You’ve no doubt heard of them – they were in Mike’s first band Shadow).  A friend of Mr. Friel’s, Cathi Hatch,  attended the memorial service, and wrote of the wonderful sendoff in her blog here.  We point this out in respect of Mike’s association with the Friel’s, and also for this mention:

There was a lot of laughter as the speakers fondly reminisced about Dick’s energy and passion for everything he was involved in during his long career in aviation marketing and in his avocation of auctioneering.  Some of his interesting quirks were recalled such as stamping his foot when something sold at an auction, or launching his note cards in flight once he was finished with each one.  An interesting factoid shared was that Dick and Sharon Friel, truly a dynamic duo, have raised more than $300,000,000 for the many charity auctions they have participated in over the years.

Dick and Sharon’s favorite song, “Moon River” was performed by their daughter-in-law, Kim Virant accompanied by Friel sons Rick and Chris, Mike McCready and Ty Bailey and we concluded the memorial with Dick Foley performing and leading us to participate in the song, “I’ll be Seeing You” .

It’s  beautiful that music can have such a healing effect during the most difficult times in life, and it’s lovely that Mike shared his musical gifts to celebrate the life of Dick Friel.  Our condolences to all.

Ed’s Haiti Benefit Offering Hits Billboard Hot 100 This from the ever-fabulous , posted February 4th:

One title that is not a part of the “Hope for Haiti Now” album, but whose proceeds still benefit Haiti-related charities, enters the Hot 100: Eddie Vedder’s “My City of Ruins” (No. 92), recorded in December at the Kennedy Center Honors’ tribute to Bruce Springsteen.

Well, whaddaya know about that?

Gray’s Anatomy Writers – Pearl Jam Fans? It’s a small but fun bit of news, but Entertainment Weekly pointed out that the recently aired episode of U.S.  television hospital drama Gray’s Anatomy was entitled, “State Of Love And Trust”.  The show is set in Seattle at the fictitious Seattle Grace hospital;  here’s what has to say:

The title of tonight’s episode was ”State of Love and Trust,” which is the name of a wonderful Pearl Jam song (way to support those underground local bands), as well as the perfect title for just about every episode of this television show ever made. Aren’t we constantly checking in on the state of love and trust at Seattle Grace?

Band Childhood Photos:  Backspacer Picture Gallery In the back of the booklet that came with Pearl Jam’s 2009 release Backspacer, there were some adorable photos of the boys in their youth (the vinyl version obviously had muuuuuch larger photos than the CD version).  Fabulous PJ mailing list Bugs community member Rick P. was nice enough to upload and identify the photos, and for a bit of fun – here they are!

Stoney G.

Wagons ho, Stone!

Nice blue shag, Jeff!

Nice blue shag, Jeff!

Lounging Ed

Lounging Ed

Mike in the news (well, under the news)

Mike in the news (well, under the news)

Matt and mutt

Matt and mutt

Producer of the year Brendan O'Brien :)

Producer of the year Brendan O'Brien :)

Enjoy one and all, and thanks for the generosity Rick.


Kathy Davis ( Twitter: @CrookedArm23 )
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