Coming Soon: U.S. Concert Announcement?

by John Reynolds on March 9, 2010

According to a tweet – no, not that kind of tweet - American Ten Club members might have some 2010 concerts to look forward to!

From forums:

Tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet! tweet! tweet!! tweet!!!

A little American birdie flew by our window, flapping his wings and tweeting loudly to get our attention. He was happy to finally have news because things happened so fast and almost didn’t happen at all! We were so happy to see him so we could tell you that he said that you should be sure your Ten Club memberships are up-to-date as of March 10 or come Thursday you could be singing a sad song. You can log into your accounts from the main page on to make sure your ducks are in a basket and eggs in a row…. errr, meaning your membership is current, addresses correct, and so on.

Sea and Kat

Groovy P.S. Have you heard Stone and Jeff’s Celebrity Playlist Podcast on iTunes yet?
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If it applies to you, heed that message!

John Reynolds ( Twitter: @jjjrrr )
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