What Baseball Players Come to Bat with Pearl Jam Music?

by John Reynolds on April 5, 2010

“Buy me some peanuts and crack
I don’t care if I never get back”
- Eddie Vedder, May 14, 2006

Opening Day of the 2010 Major League Baseball Season in the US/Canada is underway, and hardcore baseball fans will now sweat over every pitch and hit for the next eight months.  While we’ve covered many Pearl Jam baseball connections before, we thought we’d focus this Seeker on the listing of those Major League players who use Pearl Jam for their “Walk-Up” or “Entrance” music, i.e. the music played when a better comes to bat.

Jason Bay

Jason Bay New York Mets – OF

This New York Mets Outfielder is using “The Fixer” as his walk-up music.  Does the name sound familiar? At the June 23, 2006 Pearl Jam show at Mellon Arena, Pittsburgh, PA, Eddie implored the fans to vote for Jason – then with the Pittsburgh Pirates – onto that year’s All-Star team roster.  Special thanks to Metsgrrl!

Lyle Overbay

Jason Bay Toronto Blue Jays – 1B

This Toronto Blue Jays First Baseman has used many Pearl Jam songs for his entrance over the last few years, including “Alive”, “Jeremy” and “Even Flow”

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