Ain’t No Cure For The Post-Tour Blues

by Jessica Letkemann on May 26, 2010

Whether you made it to one show, a few, all 13, or none at all, Saturday May 22 meant the same thing: the after-tour letdown. In the days since the high of the epic Madison Square Garden show in Friday, Twitter has been littered with U.S. PJ fans bummed out that the May 2010 ride is over. I know this malady well. And while the only cures are time and/or another tour, the diagnosis is easy to make. Just look for these symptoms….

  1. Repeated visits to to buy bootlegs.
  2. Voice completely shot from singing along.
  3. A twinge at 8:45 pm that makes you look at a clock and think Pearl Jam is about to hit the stage.
  4. Secretly looking into prices for flights to Europe.
  5. Compulsively tallying personal PJ statistics like songs you’ve seen live, ranking shows you’ve been to, seats you’ve had.
  6. Attempting to renew your Ten Club membership even though it doesn t expire for nine more months just in case more shows are announced.
  7. Strong urge to trawl Twitter for real-time setlist updates each night.
  8. Inability to listen to anything but live PJ on your iPod or car stereo.
  9. Recurring thoughts about what your perfect setlist would be.
  10. Having more money than you thought because you haven’t paid for tickets, merch, gas, flights, or hotels lately.
  11. Unexpected five-pound weight loss from being too busy to eat, lack of sleep and jumping up and down for two and a half hours a night.
  12. First thought on waking up: is it a show day?
  13. Poster remorse at all the cool designed you didn’ t/couldn’t shell out for. (The limted-time 10 Club 30% Off poster discount helps, though.)
  14. Irrational desire to visit random cities like Hartford or Columbus because PJ played good shows there.
  15. Being surrounded by family, coworkers, and friends who are ready to strangle you if you utter the words “Pearl Jam” one more freaking time.

If you’ve got tickets in hand for Europe shows, you gotta be psyyyyched, and that should help you beat the PJ depression. If you’re still feeling sad, relive the tour through the links below!

2010 Midwest / Northeast Recap

Mike & Jeff "F*ckin' Up" (LH)

Mike & Jeff "F*ckin' Up" (LH)

May 1 – New Orleans
“There’s a lot of people here. I can’t be the only one who’s had the great pleasure of spending a night in a New Orleans jail”.
[ media / video ] [ setlist ]

May 3 – Kansas City
The 19,000 capacity indoor arena rocked to the rafters Monday May 3rd when our boys rolled into town.
[ media / video ] [ setlist ]

May 4 – St. Louis
Oh, no! We have no notes! We know you were there, so write us and give us the lowdown for the Concert Chronology!
[ setlist ]

May 6 – Columbus
It gave me an emotion-filled little charge to look out and see this, and hear our singer remembering playing in wee little club 18 years ago, and seeing the look on his face when he was feeling just how amazing it is that Pearl Jam have built a loyal and passionate following that has literally grown 1000 times over.
[ Kathy's Review ] [ setlist ]

May 7 – Noblesville
The typewriter keys that spell “Pearl Jam” on the backdrop flash in a row like chasing marquee lights during E-Flow; yeah the artistic prop hammers it home that this song is what PJ is all about. Popular, familiar, jam-tastic as Stone, Jeff and Matt form a tight little core so Mike can wail away at the solo.
[ Kathy's Review ]
[ setlist ]

May 9 – Cleveland
12 white lights beamed down overhead across the stage, the large fingers of light mimicking rays of sun poking through a cloud bank.
[ Kathy's Review ]
[ media / video ] [ setlist ]

May 10 – Buffalo, NY
Your intrepid reporter Kathy and her dear friend Laurie Hester snapped a healthy crop of photos documenting those Pearl Jam boys tearing it up live in Buffalo, New York.
[ Kathy's Pictures ]
[ setlist ]

May 13 – Bristow, VA
After the break, Ed comes out alone, gives a shout-out to the 9:30 club and PiL… says that no one threw anything at him or kicked him in the testicles, but if they HAD kicked him in the testicles, some of the songs would be easier for Ed to sing.
[ setlist/notes ]

May 15 – Hartford, CT
Ed’s sitting down showing off Backspacer vinyl art and talking about how the artist who did the great work, Tom Tomorrow, is from Connecticut and is in the house.
[ Jessica's Review ]
[ setlist ]

May 17 – Boston
The curfew is in tatters by now. The lights are up. We get a balls out “Rockin in the Free World” for the coda and I can’t believe the setlist ride we were just taken on on a Monday night.
[ Jessica's Review ]
[ media / video ] [ setlist ]

May 18 – Newark
We ride into groovetown with “You Are”, and headbang to “Whipping”, we’re up into soaring anthemland with “Alive”, back to contemplative singalong with “Indifference”, and then full lights up, Band of Horses-assisted “All Along the Watchtower”
[ Jessica's Review ]
[ setlist ]

May 20 – New York
“Love Reign O’er Me” is epic. It just starts, builds, explodes and somehow lands. Everyone’s going crazy, including some security guards who – based on their age – probably rocked to The Who performing it at this very venue.
[ JR's Review ]
[ setlist ]

May 21 New York
But the unmistakable deep-toned beginning of “Hunger Strike” starts and the crowd issues an enormous gasp in unison. Holy Crapola! Then it hits you – the perfect “cover”.
[ JR's Review ]
[ video ] [ setlist ]

Jessica Letkemann ( Twitter: @Letkemann )
TFT co-editor Jessica Letkemann is a New York based digital music journalist & editor. She's currently VP & Editor-In-Chief of Digital at Fuse Media ( and was previously managing editor of She has also been on staff at Spin and Premiere magazines. Her first Pearl Jam show was at Lollapalooza on August 2, 1992.

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