Malfunkshun and Andrew Wood Movie Release!

by John Reynolds on June 8, 2010

Love Rock = Make-up!

Love Rock = Make-up!

A long time ago, in a Seattle venue far, far, away … Love Rock was born. Now it’s reborn! Founding member and brother of the late Andrew Wood, Kevin, is performing with Malfunkshun, and a new band “All Hail the Crown” featuring the omnipresent Brad, Satchel singer Shawn Smith.

Also, after what seems like ages, the Andrew Wood Movie, Directed by Scot Barbour, is finally being released this summer. Wwwway back in 2005, Kathy attended the star-studded Seattle premier and interviewed Regan Hagar. If you missed it then you can see it in Seattle on June 25, just follow the information and ticket link below.

SEATTLE, WA – A Historical Event … Love Rock at the Hard Rock, Musical performance and film sneak preview kicks off Kevin’s national tour.

Kevin Wood performs with Malfunkshun & All Hail the Crown, Featuring musical guests Shawn Smith, Rane Stone, Steve Fournier and John Hoag. Plus a limited seating V.I.P. Sneak Preview of the film Malfunkshun: The Andy Wood Story, A film by Scot Barbour, to be released by Universal Studios summer, 2010.

Special Meet & Greet – Q&A guests: Toni and Kevin Wood – (Andy’s mother and brother), Scot Barbour the film’s creator and Jack Endino  – famed musical producer.

June 25th – Seattle Hard Rock Café

  • 7pm – 7:30  Meet & Greet
  • 7:30 – 9:00 pm  Film and Q& A
  • 10 pm show

Malfunkshun the grunge pioneering band started in the early eighties was fronted by Andrew Wood who later joined Mother Love Bone whose members went on to become Pearl Jam after the untimely death of Andy.  The phrase Love Rock was coined by Malfunkshun and after a larger than life concert experience you know this is Love Rock. Songs from the mighty MFunk on ‘Monument’, the CD by Kevin Wood and From the North, to be released on July 12th. on Wammybox records – feature lyrics by Andrew Wood and music by Kevin Wood

Kevin Wood’s shredding is an amazing fast blur of fingers creating a raw melodic intensity rarely seen today. Travis Hay of The Seattle PI had this to say after the recent in Seattle April 14th sold out multi-band  show at the Show Box:

“Malfunkshun, a band all but forgotten by everyone except diehard grunge fans, played a brief, loud, high-energy set. The band was started by Wood and his brother Kevin, who played lead guitar. Wood relished his time on stage, impressively shredding through solos and searing guitar parts while pursing his lips and sticking out his tongue as he played. It was one of the few times Smith’s pipe’s weren’t the center of attention”.

In Malfunkshun the enormity of his guitar accompanies the powerful and soulful vocals of Rane Stone who steps up to the job of singing the bands old classics with a style that would bring a smile to the face of the original lead man Andy Wood. Malfunkshun will also preview Kevin’s acclaimed new music that will have you crying for more.

For those of you who were here the first time around this is your chance to see Malfunkshun once again and enjoy one of the founding bands that changed the direction of music. If you have never seen Malfunkshun this is your chance. Love rock is back!

Malfunkshun band members:

  • Kevin Wood, Guitar
  • Rane Stone ( Jar of Flies, Klover Jane ), Vocals
  • Rob Day, Bass
  • John Hoag ( Satchel ), second guitar

All Hail the Crown will be opening for Malfunkshun. All Hail is another of Kevin’s current bands –blending Kevin’s wailing guitar with the smooth vocals of a Seattle favorite Shawn Smith – ‘Heavy Rock with a Sweet Edge’. ‘Blistering guitar Savage beats, And Angelic Vocals’ Formed in 2007 played the 420 main stage spot two two consecutive years. Named for the Seattle Royalty to which this band is.

All Hail the Crown band members:

  • Kevin Wood, Guitar
  • Shawn Smith ( Brad, Satchel ), Vocals
  • Rob Day, Bass
  • Mike Hommel, Drums
Kathy's Regan Hagar Interview from 2005

Kathy's Regan Hagar Interview from 2005

V.I.P. sneak preview of Malfunkshun: The Andy Wood Story. Prior to the film V.I.P ticket holders will experience an intimate meet & greet – Question and Answer panel with Toni and Kevin Wood – (Andy’s mother and brother), Scot Barbour the film’s creator and Jack Endino –famed music producer.

This is a historical, once in a lifetime opportunity to be the first to see the release of this profound film about the life of a musical visionary, Andy Wood, part of the foundation of the Seattle sound. This is the opportunity to ask the questions you have wondered about all these years. The film is a candid, painfully honest, account of life and death of a visionary rising star: his dreams, his childhood, his family and his career– featuring film clips never before see of Andy in his personal life and in the studio.

Tickets are available through the Hard Rock Café, Seattle.

John Reynolds ( Twitter: @jjjrrr )
A New Jersey based programmer, John handles TFT’s programming and technical aspects. He also conceives and writes his share of TFT’s articles and sections. John’s first Pearl Jam show was at Lollapalooza on August 12, 1992.

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