Brad @ Sasquatch Photos and Review (via SeattleRockGuy)

by John Reynolds on June 25, 2010

With all the recent Pearl Jam coverage of the Midwest/Northeast US Tour and the current European jaunt, it’s nice to know that related Seattle Rock Coverage is in good hands with Nik and his blog. A few weeks ago he posted a mini-review of Brad and Satchel on the first day of the Sasquatch 2010 festival. The photos are so great, we wanted to make sure you saw them all. Enjoy!

I’m sure just about every PJ fan in the state went a collective woo-hoo! when it was announced that Brad would be a late addition and fill-in on the mainstage at last weekend’s Sasquatch Festival. It’s too bad that none of them showed up to take in the awesome day 1 performance. The attendance was lack luster at best, as it was clear that the typical festival attendee was more interested in video game tents and face paint than seeing the recently rebooted Seattle based project of Stone Gossard, Shawn Smith, and Regan Hagar with Keith Lowe on bass, fill up the Gorge canyon as beautifully as it did. As much a head scratcher as it was, the modest turnout actually worked out in my favor. I was able to snag a front row center spot for the extent of the hour long set which featured cuts from their not-quite-released new record “Best Friends”, as well as Brad hits like “Day Brings”.

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