Random Act of Cleveland – Updated Notes: October 26, 1991

by John Reynolds on September 17, 2010

While randomly plucking October 26, 1991 Cleveland, OH, from my CD collection, I noticed the notes from this long-ago show were lacking, so here you go:

  • October 26, 1991, Cleveland Music Hall, Cleveland, OH.  Opening for the Red Hot Chili Peppers to a sleepy crowd, Ed is a quote-factory, with the best being “We’re gonna look at somethin’ right here. (Holds up object) This is part of Flea’s guitar from last night. He smashed the fucking thing, because the crowd was so fuckin’ into it. He gave up his favorite bass for the last two years because the crowd was so fucking insane. If this keeps up, Flea is not gonna be smashing any basses tonight. (Silence, some jeers). (To the band:) Go!”

Is there a new or old show on the Concert Chronology that’s lacking notes? Y’all did an awesome job with 2009, so volunteer help contribute notes. It’s easy!

John Reynolds ( Twitter: @jjjrrr )
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