From A Basement In Seattle: The Poster Art of Brad Klausen

by John Reynolds on October 21, 2010

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Brad at Flatstock, 2005, (photo courtesy of Mike Assenzio)

Pearl Jam fans have had it pretty good when it comes to Concert Posters. Heck, family ties allowed Jeff’s brother Barry to design Pearl Jam posters and build Ames Bros. into a fantastic business, and released a fantastic Poster book.

Brad Klausen, who has designed Pearl Jam posters since 2004′s VFC Tour, has just announced that his new book “From A Basement in Seattle: The Poster Art of Brad Klausen” is now available for pre-order.

Brad has created some pretty incredible works, from the famous 6-part “N-E-O-C-O-N” poster set from the 2004 Vote For Change tour, and the Escher-like depiction of Severed Hand from Toronto 2006.

From Brad’s mailing list, he provided all the necessary information for the pre-order.

From A Basement In Seattle: The Poster Art of Brad Klausen

Brad Klausen's Amazing Artwork

Brad Klausen's Amazing Artwork

After many months, the book is now finally done and ready for pre-order.

The book is softbound, 10.75″ x 12.5″, 156 pages and covers 70 posters I’ve created over the past 6 years, including sketches, parts, and stories behind the process  and inspiration of each one. Jeff Ament wrote the foreward
and Eddie Vedder wrote the introduction. The book is available for pre-order on the site now, under the “BOOKS” link within the 2010 year.

[ Pre-Order HERE ]

The book is $25 plus shipping and all copies sold on my site are signed by me.

Books will ship towards the end of November.

Each book is packaged separately, so if you order more then one book shipping will be charged for each book purchased. Unfortunately we can’t pack multiple books together.

Also, since we can’t roll books into tubes, if you purchase any posters along with a book, you will be charged separate shipping for the posters (which are packed in a tube) and the book (which is packed in padded envelope) Originally I had hoped to offer a small print to go along with the book purchase, unfortunately there just wasn’t any time to work on something and have it done in time. So, I can only offer a signed copy of the book. I am currently in the process of moving (yet again) and because of this won’t have access to my computer and the internet until some time next week. So if you encounter any trouble with the site or email with any questions, please allow about a week for a response… it may take me a few days to get set back up and online.

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