West Seattle Release Party: Live On Ten Legs

by Donny Anderson on January 19, 2011

Feedback Lounge

feedbackloungeYou’ll have to excuse me if this is a little short and sweet and to the point, but the details are still a bit foggy from last night’s Live on Ten Legs release party at West Seattle’s Feedback Lounge.

From my perspective, the celebration for the year that is PJ20 began in earnest last night. With a different Pearl Jam DVD playing on every TV, the new album blaring over the sound system, and fans jamming the place to capacity, it was hard to resist the urge to imbibe. I know I was having a good time because at one point I let my guard down as a beer snob that I am and ordered a Rainier.

I had a fantastic time checking out the new record (which I hadn’t heard in its entirety) and hanging out with my fellow PJ freaks. It was great to reconnect with some and have the opportunity to meet some others for the first time in person – or ever. Of course, the conversation de jour was speculating what’s still ahead in this yearlong party.

I did have the occasion to pepper Ten Club’s Tim Bierman with a few casual questions but there is no new info to speak of. The wheels are in motion and the anticipation is building. Should be a fun year.

Easy Street Records was on hand and selling the new record with some other PJ merchandise. I have to admit to kind of dismissing this release when it was initially announced. I wondered what was the point of re-releasing material that is already out there and readily available. Having had some time to let the idea marinate and now seeing the finished product, I can better appreciate the psychology behind such a release.

In fact, I imagine it being similar to my thought process in constructing episodes of the podcast when I was more active in working on All That’s Sacred. Pearl Jam is at their best live but not everyone wants to listen to entire bootlegs 24/7. And for new fans, I can imagine it daunting to know where to start.

With ATS, I would try and build each episode around some sort of theme, mine this vast live catalogue for its audio gems, and then repackage in a singular focused way. Now that Pearl Jam is finally taking the time to reflect, I think it’s only natural to want to follow up Live On Two Legs with this snapshot of who they were live for the last decade or so.

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