Soundbytes: Ed Reveals An Upcoming Ukulele Release?

by John Reynolds on January 27, 2011

Seemingly out of the blue, Eddie Vedder appeared today on The Sports Buffet” on AM 1300 THE ZONE (Austin, Texas) by way of former Chicago Cubs player Keith Moreland, who is currently the color analyst for the radio broadcasts of (University of Texas at Austin) Texas Longhorn football and baseball.Eddie was with Keith calling in from Mesa, AZ, where they are both at Chicago Cubs fantasy camp. When asked about the ukulele, he revealed:Vedder

“I’ve been playing ukulele – actually it was the first instrument I ever picked up when I was a little kid because someone was nice enough to give me one at a flea market or something.  Now it’s evolved into a whole bunch of songs. I’ve been playing some solo shows outside of the group, mainly based on songs that were on a film called Into The Wild. The ukulele’s been making more appearances.  And I’ve been trying to put together a batch of songs to put out on a real release, and that might even happen soon.

When asked about the “PJ20 Festival”, nothing was revealed: “As soon as they tell me I’ll call you, but I don’t know.”

What a week! First Jeff, now Eddie. w00t!

John Reynolds ( Twitter: @jjjrrr )
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