Eddie Vedder Acoustic Film?

by Kathy Davis on February 18, 2011

Could Eddie Vedder be releasing a live acoustic concert film? So it would seem. Grunge news clearinghouse GrungeReport.net picked up on this announcement from Trixie Film:


Thank you for writing (if you did) and asking when things are coming out.

We don’t really know for sure, but here’s a guess

Trying to get these things out by May:

Burn to Shine 4: Louisville

Deathcab for Cutie live concert film

Eddie Vedder live Acoustic concert film

And a little later:

Burn to Shine 6: ATL

If we could get that happening I would be psyched!  It would be a big summer.

Also, Brendan is working on a record with Richard Morel called Deathfix.  I know, morbid sounding, but it’s not really.

It will probably come out this summer.

Trixie is the brainchild of Fugazi (!)  drummer Brendan Canty & Christoph Green, and is the force behind the Burn To Shine music DVD series;  Ed took part in release #5 which featured Seattle musicians.   Trixie is also the force behind the Amongst The Waves Philly Spectrum live video that PJ streamed for free  a while back.


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