Eddie Vedder Live In Brisbane, Australia

by Kathy Davis on March 11, 2011

Ed Suits up for Queensland

Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder has embarked on a solo tour of Australia, and his premiere solo show in Oz did not disappoint.  Culled from various sources, we’ve updated the show notes in our Eddie Vedder Concert Chronology here.   Reviewer Andrew McMillen from Australian entertainment website The Vine has posted a lovely recap of the night, and that can be found here.

UPDATE: Another review of Brisbane 1 over at FasterLouder , and added some photos below from their photographer JuzzyMa. Review excerpt:

Shortly into his second song Trouble (by Cat Stevens) Vedder forgot his lyrics, swears and stops playing, What could have been the death knell for any acoustic show (and to happen so early on) proved to galvanise the audience’s intimate connection to the artist as he dryly told them in his thick mid-western American accent, “Sometimes when you really feel a song, that’s when you really fuck em’ up.”

Vedder went on to showcase a new song he wrote only days before, which according to backstage notes is called Sleep By Myself and was played on ukulele. Vedder sung of a man who lost someone stupidly and will be alone through the night.

In order not to distract from the intimate setting of the shows, diligent security at this venue enforced the no cameras, no cell phone cameras policy – so audience captured pictures and video have not yet surfaced – but we have a great gallery of photos anyway. Thanks to Photographer Bradley Kanaris for Wire Image/Getty,  and uberfan/Bugs Message Board poster Dimitris Kariotis (who sent in links to several photos of tour merch – including the cool posters – that were available), below is a gallery of images from the night.  Enjoy!

Ed solo Rock!

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