Pearl Jam Release 30s “Pearl Jam Twenty” Movie Clip

by John Reynolds , Jessica Letkemann on April 27, 2011

Pearl Jam Twenty

Pearl Jam’s Vimeo site is now showing a 30-second video teaser of the upcoming “Pearl Jam Twenty” documentary by Cameron Crowe, to be released in September.

It’s amazing how much cool stuff can be shown in 30 seconds, but here it is. Check below the video for some TFT notes:

Some highlights:

  • This Pearl Jam clip interestingly starts with a fan asking Alice in Chains’ Layne Staley for an autograph
  • The radio voice that comes on is Damon Stewart from KISW on March 10, 1991.  Hear the whole interview here
  • The AIC / Mookie Blaylock marquee is from February 10, 1991 at The Bacchanal in San Diego, CA
  • In the van is shown a newspaper article and some discussion about Mookie Blaylock and Michael Jordan from the same game which would have to be February 16, 1991 where the Bulls beat the Nets 99-87. If that game was in the paper the next day, then that van footage from driving somewhere in between Sacramento, CA and Eugene, OR on February 17, 1991.

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