Small Instrument, Big News: Eddie Vedder Goods, Media and Video

by John Reynolds on May 4, 2011

For the most part, April was an eerily quiet month, but it can’t be confused as a month where nothing happened.  We were never promised a date for the PJ20 announcements, but we had a good hope that it was going to happen.  With the March announcement of Eddie Vedder’s Ukelele Songs, and Pearl Jam ensconced in songwriting (thanks to Mike McCready’s insanely popular Tumblr), it was only natural that we’d get a flood of Eddie Vedder press … any … day …  now …

Well, we did! And a lot of it happened this week.  Let’s recap, shall we?

Oh My GOODS-ness

Tuesday, May 4th – In the Pearl Jam GOODS section, all the different Ukelele Songs permutations showed up at once with a nice addition. The biggest thing to note with all these great products for sale is that the Ten Club specifically says “PRESALE ITEMS ORDERED TOGETHER WILL SHIP TOGETHER. PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF DIFFERENT RELEASE DATES”, and these items vary between May 31 (CD, DVD) and June 2011 (LP, Bluray, Book, 7″).

Subject to change, here’s a recap of how it is at the time of this writing:

  • Ukelele Songs CD [ buy ] – At $11.99, the CD is available for pre-sale. U.S. shipping is free and it’s $7 outside the U.S. It includes a 40-page booklet! That’s a lot.  This beats the Amazon price of $14.68 and with free shipping.
  • Ukelele Songs LP [ buy ] – At $24.99, the LP is available for pre-sale, but it’s release date is “June 2011″.  Shipping isn’t shown immediately, but is calculated upon checkout (JR’s order to New Jersey was $7.50). It includes a 44-page booklet, and we’re not sure how it differs compared to the 40-page CD booklet. But it also comes with a 48-page Uke Songbook! More on that below.
  • Water on the Road DVD [ buy ] – At $14.99, this is slightly more than the Amazon price of $13.49.
  • Water on the Road Bluray [ buy ] – At $17.99, this is the same as the Amazon price of $17.99. Not only will you get better video quality with Bluray, but you’ll also get “All Along the Watchtower” and “Blackbird”.
  • Ukelele Songs Deluxe Songbook [ buy ] – At $29.99, this is one of those quirky products that hardcore fans like us totally eat up. Described as “100 + pages of music charts, lyrics, photos and ukulele tips, beautifully bound and printed on fine paper.”, it also includes the CD. This does not a
  • “Longing to Belong” 7-inch [ buy ] – At just $5.99, this 7″ single comes with B-side “Can’t Keep”. Will be released June 2011.

Mucho Media

Eddie Vedder pics on Flickr

Eddie Vedder pics on Flickr

If image is your thing, Eddie Vedder pictures have been floating around since March – and they’ve even featured Eddie floating! Pictured in a casual suit, on a paddle board, sitting on a suitcase … there are now a lot of pics you can choose from on Pearl Jam’s official Flickr page and Danny Clinch’s showcase.

For live music, Eddie is atop the leaderboard for most 2011 appearances by a Pearl Jam band member with a well-received tour of Australia, and an upcoming North America tour in June and July with some recent additions.

In the everything else category, Eddie took a few minutes to join Mike Watt and Dave Grohl on stage during Mike Watt’s current tour to perform the Ball-Hog or Tugboat track “Big Train”. Then, there’s also a cute little story about someone who visited Hawaii and was there when Ed

Video … There’s Gotta Be Waves!

The official video for “Longing To Belong” has been released and it can be purchased for $2 on iTunes (note, link opens iTunes).  The video is also available on YouTube and Vevo as you can see below.

The reason we’ve built up suspense and saved this for last is because you can see it is the culmination of all the visual imagery we’ve seen since March.

It’s almost unthinkable for an Eddie Vedder (or even Pearl Jam) video to not include wave imagery and this video does not disappoint. Video from all the various locations in Hawaii are shown with varying video affects to give it a nostalgic look. Ed is even shown (lo!) singing along in this tender ballad. Maybe the most beautiful – and unexpected – part of the video is the inclusion of Eddie along the beach (and later underwater) with his wife Jill McCormick from their September 18, 2010 wedding.

What’s left to cover this week? We’re not sure – and it’s barely even half-over. Whatever it is, though, we’ll try to stay right on top of it, and certainly let you know when the CD/DVD starts hitting U.S. mailboxes in just a few weeks.

John Reynolds ( Twitter: @jjjrrr )
A New Jersey based programmer, John handles TFT’s programming and technical aspects. He also conceives and writes his share of TFT’s articles and sections. John’s first Pearl Jam show was at Lollapalooza on August 12, 1992.

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