Eddie Vedder-Live In Detroit June 26, 2011

by Kathy Davis on June 27, 2011

Detroit Rock City-Fox Theatre -photo by BearFan80

Ukulele Songs cover “Once In A While” debuted tonight (FYI the song  was a 1937 hit for Big Band leader Tommy Dorsey).  News is a bit quiet from Detroit this evening; whatever we find as time passes we will post and update here.


Setlist, from the Official Message Board

Eddie Vedder
Fox Theater Detroit, MI
June 26, 2011
Set List

01. Waving Palms
02. Can’t Keep
03. Sleeping By Myself
04. Without You
05. Once In A While – (Michael Edwards)
06. You’re True
07. Goodbye
08. Soon Forget
09. Needle & The Damage Done – (Neil Young)
10. I Am Mine
11. Off He Goes
12. Man Of The Hour
13. Far Behind
14. Long Nights w/ Glen Hansard
15. Setting Forth (start only)
16. Guaranteed
17. Rise
18. The End (start only)
19. Let My Love Open The Door – (Pete Townshend)
20. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
21. Immortality
22. Unthought Known
23. Arc (start only)
24. untitled pump organ song (no lyrics just wordless singing)

Encore Break 1

24. Just Breathe
25. (Sleepless) Nights w/ Glen Hansard (for Tomas Young) (Ed jokes around with ASL translator)
26. Society w/ Glen Hansard – (Jerry Hannan)
27. Falling Slowly {Glen singing and playing acoustic, Eddie duet vocal} – (Glen Hansard, Markéta Irglová)
28. Wishlist
29. Forever Young – (Bob Dylan) {dedicated to Chris Chelios}
30. Crazy Mary – (Williams)
31. Porch

Encore Break 2
32. Hard Sun w/ Glen Hansard – (Peterson)

The three false starts make for a longer setlist listing tonight.   After Sleepless Nights, Ed joked around with the sign language interpreter, asking her ‘who the fuck are you’ which she, of course ‘said’ in sign language; Ed asked her to turn around and asked her again, ‘no -who the F*CK are YOU?’ so he could see how the word looked in sign language – and then the signer flipped her the double bird. Ed answered “Well, fuck you too!” ; he tried to launch into “Setting Forth” after that, but stopped after starting, saying teasingly he couldn’t do it, he just told a woman he doesn’t even know to fuck off….    As he started The End, he stopped – the  guitar was out of tune and Ed was unable to get George’s attention, so scrapped that as well.   There is some excited talk since Ed mentioned that ‘wasn’t sure he should let the cat out of the bag’, but Mike McCready is going to do a solo tour’ after the whoops and hollers died down, he delivered the punchline ‘he’s gonna solo for five weeks’.  [I believe that was Ed making a joke].  Launching into “Let My Love Open The Door” got the crowd on their feet and they were up and down a lot after the rousing song.   Sleepless Nights was sung without microphones, though the strong, blended voices competed with some calling out from the crowd.  The dedication of ‘Forever Young’ to former Detroit Red Wing hockey great (and good friend of Ed’s) Chris Chelios Ed explained that Detroit wasn’t on the tour schedule, the show wouldn’t have happened without Chelios talking him into playing there – and that the crowd had the NHL great to thank for the night. (thanks to man in the street Matt McPherson for the info)


That song dedication explains tonight’s poster, designed by artist Mark 5. It features Chris Chelios leaning against a dressing room wall wearily, with Ed’s name sporting the Red Wings signature logo. According to Inside The Rock Poster Frame, Mark 5 may be selling some signed & numbered copies of the poster on his website on July 15th.

Detroit poster- Designed by Mark 5

A little pic of Ed & Glen

photo by @RobShaink-Twitter

“Man of the Hour” Dedication

We received a touching email from fan Tim Magaw whose late Grandfather was the recipient of a “Man of the Hour” dedication

Like many of us, Pearl Jam and our other favorite artists have always helped us through the toughest times. My father died during my senior of high school, and last week, I lost my 91-year-old grandfather to cancer. Despite constant support from my friends and family, I think what really helped me through it was the music.

Last week after my grandfather died, my Twitter/PJ pal, Ariel (Troubled Souls Unite blog), sent me a few bootlegs I hadn’t heard. I was having an extremely emotional day, and those bootlegs really got me through the night. I sat on my balcony, watching the rain pour and blasted some heartfelt tunes.

I’ve met Ed a couple times, shook his hand and exchanged a few words, but I knew if I got the chance to meet him before Sunday’s solo show in Detroit I had to make it count. I wasn’t going to wrap my arms around him or chase him down the street, so I scribbled down some feelings about my grandfather and about how much Ed’s music helped me cope with what I was feeling.

After waiting in the blistering heat for about four hours and chatting with some fellow Pearl Jam fans, Eddie emerged from the bus. We were all behind a fence, and he graciously came over to say hello. I simply said “Hi” and slipped my note under the fence. He picked it up and said “Thanks.”

About mid-way through the first set, Eddie started talking about life and death. I knew what was coming. He had read my letter. I wish for the life of me I could remember exactly what he said, and I’m not even going to try to paraphrase it as it was the song that really stood out. In my letter, I asked him to play “Man of the Hour” for my grandfather. Then it happened, and he noted the next song was a request.

To put it simply, it was gorgeous. I sat there awestruck, shaking, tears welling up in my eyes. At that moment, all my troubles disappeared. My mind was cleared. I was at peace.

I’ve heard “Man of the Hour” quite a few times live, but I knew it would have much more meaning after my grandfather’s death.

Ed, if you see this for some reason, let me just say thanks. I had other family members in attendance, which made the performance all the more special. Thanks.

Tim Magaw
Lakewood, Ohio


Kathy Davis ( Twitter: @CrookedArm23 )
A Bay-Area based entrepreneur, co-editor Kathy conceives and writes her share of TFT’s articles and sections. She was co-editor/co-founder of one of the first Pearl Jam fanzines "Footsteps" (1992-1997). Kathy’s first Pearl Jam show was at the Bridge School Benefit on November 1, 1992.

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