Pearl Jam-Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Sept. 14, 2011

by Kathy Davis on September 15, 2011

Though it’s certainly  not the avalanche of press that the band received in Toronto, some nice info, photos & reviews have surfaced for the band’s night in Ottawa.

Setlist taken from the Official Message Board:

Pearl Jam
Scotiabank Place
Ottawa, ON. CA
Sept. 14, 2011

Set List
01. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
02. Last Exit
03. Do The Evolution
04. MFC
05. Unthought Known
06. Low Light
07.Given To Fly
08. Setting Forth
09. Whipping
10. Corduroy
11. Evenflow
12. Grievance
13. Lukin
14. Breath
{Ed talks about the 5 year anniversary of “Wishlist Foundation” and some of the causes they have been supporting. He also thanks the founder Laura Trafton.}
15. Wishlist
16. Olé
17. 1/2 Full
18. Betterman/Save It For Later-(Charley, Cox, Morton, Steele, Wakeling)

19. The End
20. Inside Job
21. Just Breathe
22. Off He Goes
23. Why Go
24. The Fixer
25. Rearviewmirror

26. Come Back {played by request of an unnamed friend of the band}
27. The Real Me-(Townshend)
28. Alive
29. Yellow Ledbetter

Props to our homies!  Awesome of the most righteous Laura Trafton and the incredible Wishlist Foundation to be recognized. It’s the creme de la creme of fan communities, mobilizing to raise half  a million dollars over the years for various causes…

Poster (courtesy InsideTheRockPosterFrame):

Ames Bros. designed Ottawa poster

Press Reviews: (click titles to view complete articles)

Pearl Jam Better With Age Ottawa Sun – by Denis Armstrong

“By the end of the night, this should feel like Friday,” Vedder promised before Given To Fly… The first half-hour tore past in a sonic blur. Pure and unadorned, this was turning into a vintage guitar-rock concert, hellbent on playing as long and hard as possible. What other band has that kind of stamina? Or a voice as beautiful as Vedder’s growling baritone. There’s a lot of emotion in those 46-year-old pipes and Vedder uses them all, whether its funny, sad, pissed off or hopeful. There’s simply a lot of emotional content to their music.”

Pearl Jam Takes Fans Across The Universe – Lynn Saxberg, Ottawa Citizen

“I understand it’s Wednesday,” he said early in the concert, “but by the end of the night, it should feel like Friday around here. Come witness as we go across the universe.”  …Vedder is a compelling singer but the best thing about the band is how they function as a unit. Guitarist Mike McCready tore into the lead guitar riffs that influenced a generation, bouncing them off the chords crunched out by rhythm guitarist Stone Gossard, while bassist Jeff Ament and drummer Matt Cameron created a bottom end that was thunderous but precise.


Full photo galleries from Ottawa newspapers can be found here for the Ottawa Sun (13 pictures) and here for the Ottawa Citizen (9 pictures).

Kathy Davis ( Twitter: @CrookedArm23 )
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