Eddie Vedder at Bridge School 2011, Night One

by John Reynolds on October 23, 2011

Video, Setlist and notes from Eddie Vedder’s appearance Saturday at the 25th Anniversary Bridge School Benefit.

10/22/2011 Bridge School Benefit, Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View , CA, USA
Don’t Cry No Tears (stopped), You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away, Don’t Cry No Tears, Rise, Without You, Tonight You Belong To Me, Just Breathe, Porch, Sleepless Nights
TFT Notes: Sporting a wide-brimmed hat and a Bridge Schoool t-shirt, Eddie performed at Neil Young’s Bridge School Benefit for the second time as a solo artist (read about his 2004 appearance). Smiling and energetic, Ed starts “Good evening, thank you. I was thinking to start with a Neil Young song. He’s got a lot of them, he can’t possibly use them all tonight, so I thought I’d make use of this one.” He debuts Neil Young’s “Don’t Cry No Tears” but unfortunately stops during the first verse, joking “Alright I might have to play that one later. ” Donning the harmonica, Ed plays a rousing “You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away” with the crowd taking a few lines of the chorus. “Don’t Cry No Tears” is revisited with hesitation “I’m gonna try this one one more time (crowd cheers, big smile)  just relax”. “Don’t Cry No Tears” is the lead track from Neil Young’s 1975 album, Zuma. “Here’s a little Mandolin for you” leading to “Rise”. “Neil and Pegi asked if I was gonna bring my ukulele so here it is. And this is – well, it’s kind of an unexpurgated love song written for my wife – I’m sure she wouldn’t mind if I dedicated it to Maricor, my friend back here tonight. Maricor has two more college degrees than I have, from (University of California at) Berkeley. She’s my hero, (then looking back at all the students) or one of ‘em.” Régine from Arcade Fire “graciously accepted the invitation to try this next one with me”, to which they duet on “Tonight You Belong To Me”. Pearl Jam standards “Just Breathe” and “Porch” bring the crowd to their feet. Beck joins Eddie for the last track of his set, “Here’s my friend for the last one, here’s Beck. This is one we did years and years ago, it’s nice to do it again”. Beck and Eddie last performed “Sleepless Nights” at the Concert for Artists’ Rights at the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles in February 2002. “Thank you Bridge School, thank you Beck, good night” in closing to an appreciative crowd.


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