Eddie Vedder at Bridge School 2011, Night Two

by John Reynolds on October 24, 2011

Setlist and notes from Eddie Vedder’s appearance Saturday at the 25th Anniversary Bridge School Benefit.

10/23/2011 Bridge School Benefit, Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View, CA, USA
Set: Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town, Last Kiss, I Am A Patriot, Society, Tonight You Belong To Me, Sleepless Nights, Don’t Cry No Tears
TFT Notes: Ed greets the crowd on the second day of the benefit, “Good evening. Thanks for the reception. It’s beautiful out there, it’s a beautiful day … that’s two in a row. Ya know, last night I started with a Neil song, a Neil Young song, and it only took me about 30 seconds to screw it all up. I’m not gonna do that again tonight. I went in the back and told Neil “I can’t believe … that was a big mistake.” and he said “No, the only mistake you made was not telling me you were gonna play it because I woulda went out and played it with ya. We coulda fucked it up together (laughter)”. I didn’t mean to cuss in front of the kids, sorry about that. Neil and Pegi, they don’t use the F-word.” “Elderly Woman…” starts and gets a big “Hello!”. “Thank You. I was thinking about htis i couldn’t sleep last night thinking about the weight and the intensity of neil and pegi and all of the people involved to do this 25 years consecutively it’s such an amazing feat. And coming over coming here maybe 10 times in the last however many years to get to know some of thesee kids and to see the work that’s been done, these Young men and young women and their parents i just can’t tell them what a huge impact they’ve had on my life.” Before another crowd-pleaser, “Last Kiss”, Ed talks about Maricor, “And my one friend Maricor, that’s her right there (points, to applause) Last night I was saying she was two college degress more than I do which isn’t saying much. But she’s probably got two more than all of y’all! And this one I think is her favorite, so this is for Maricor. If you want to sing, sing it for maricor.” Ed references the Occupy Wall Street Movement with “I’m going to play one for the 99%-ers. I feel like that’s a movement that you can fully back, because you’re either one of the 99% or you’re one of the 1%, and if you’re one of the 1%, you’ve got it pretty fucking good. You have to learn to play well with others, pass the ball to other people and give them a shot. (“I Am A Patriot”) is written by a guy called Little Steven Van Zandt”. Today, Eddie was “walking with his boyfriend” and “sure as hell ain’t no Republican either.” For “Society”, Ed mentions “I have a few friends that are gonna help me here. The first one I’d like to introduce … he’s a local (San Francisco). He’s an extermly talented musician and songrwiter, please welcome, Mr. Jerry Hannan. I met Jerry through a friend called Sean Penn we worked on something called Into The Wild. There’s a song – probably the best song on there, it’s called “Society” – it’s Jerry who wrote it so we’re gonna do that.” “Alright this is exciting for me I get to invite Regine from Arcade Fire to join me and the ukulele”, which leads to another collaboration on “Tonight You Belong To Me”. “Not only is it great to call this guy a friend, but it’s great to be able to play with him, Beck Hansen”, leading to a well-received version of “Sleepless Nights”. “Alright, this is Uncle Neil” who helps Ed make up for the previous night’s miscue with terrific harmonies and harmonica on “Don’t Cry No Tears”.


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