Concert Chronology updates for 1990 -> 1992

by John Reynolds on September 9, 2012

We love our history, and it continually amazes us that we can get updates – and great updates! – to Pearl Jam concerts from more than 20 years ago. Aside from the 2012 shows, we haven’t had Concert Chronology updates for older shows in a long time. In the past few months, though, we’ve started from the beginning and have been fact-checking some things and found some changes, listed below.

Also check out the videos below the list that have been unearthed in recent months

Soundcheck video from 2/27/92 Queenshall, Bradford, UK

Video from 2/28/92 ULU, London, UK

“Once” from 2/28/92 ULU, London, UK

First “Corduroy” from 03/15/94 St. Louis, MO

Front row video of “Little Wing” from 07/09/1995 Milwaukee, WI

Pearl Jam Concert Chronology
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