Pearl Jam’s ‘Lightning Bolt’: 10 Facts So Far

by Jessica Letkemann on July 11, 2013

The time for speculation about the new Pearl Jam album title and release date is over now that has trumpeted the news about “Lightning Bolt.” There’s plenty still yet to be revealed — the tracklist, the actual music — but there are plenty of things we’ve already learned about the band’s 10th studio effort. To wit, here are 10 things we know so far:

1. The new album arrives Oct. 15 in the U.S. and Oct. 14 everywhere else.
2. First single “Mind Your Manners” rocks.

4. Ten Club members who pre-order “Lightning Bolt” get exclusive digital video content upon album release.
3. The elaborate moon shape-turned-dinner-plate plus utensils, plus gun plus cross artwork reveal that @PearlJam tweeted all week goes along with the single “Mind Your Manners”
5. “Lightning Bolt” pre-orderers get a free “Mind Your Manners” download.
6. The non-”Mind Your Manners” part of the instrumental music in Monday’s tour announcement video has not yet been identified.
7. The new countdown clock on is easy to guess this time: it corresponds to the “Lightning Bolt” release date.
8. Something they recorded involves handclaps (see :11 in the album announcement video)

9. “Lightning Bolt” arrives four days short of the 20th anniversary of “Vs.”
10. Take a look a the giant one-eyed bolt-adorned figure in the artwork that went along with the “Lightning Bolt” announcement today (see still frame in album announcement video above). Then ponder this: In greek mythology, Zeus set the Cyclops free and they rewarded him with the gift of thunder and lightning.

Jessica Letkemann ( Twitter: @Letkemann )
TFT co-editor Jessica Letkemann is a New York based digital music journalist & editor. She's currently VP & Editor-In-Chief of Digital at Fuse Media ( and was previously managing editor of She has also been on staff at Spin and Premiere magazines. Her first Pearl Jam show was at Lollapalooza on August 2, 1992.

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