Pearl Jam-y Pop-Ups: Australia 2014 Edition

by Jessica Letkemann on February 18, 2014

Australia has had it all this January and February: summer, Pearl Jam shows, an Eddie Vedder tour — and some very cool PJ-related pop-up guest appearances involving Bruce Springsteen, Arcade Fire’s Win Butler, Neil Finn, Cat Power, and more! Just this weekend (Feb. 15), Eddie took a minute out of his solo trek to hop on stage with Bruce Springsteen in Melbourne but that is just one of latest examples since 2014 began… Here’s the scorecard (including a bonus Liam Finn pop-up in New Zealand!), for those keeping track:

JAN. 17 // Liam Finn Gets into PJ’s ‘Habit’

Whose Show?: Pearl Jam
Special Guest: Liam Finn
When and Where: January 17, 2014 at  the Big Day Out festival, Western Springs Stadium in Auckland, New Zealand.
Performing What Together?: “Habit”
Circumstances: Pal Liam Finn comes on stage for Pearl Jam’s set to rock “Habit” with them during the first date of the festival. Not Australia, I know, but we didn’t want to leave out New Zealand.
Backstory: New Zealand-bred Liam Finn has been a friend of Ed’s for years. Back in April 2001, Ed sang with Liam’s band Betchadupa at Auckland’s St. James Theater as part of Liam’s dad Neil Finn’s ’7 Worlds Collide’ mini-residency. Since then, Liam has opened for EV solo tours (2008, 2009), played second stage at PJ20 in 2011 (and rocked “Habit” with PJ then too) and even welcomed surprise guest Eddie Vedder to his own show at Seattle’s Tractor Tavern on Sept. 30, 2011 (they played “Habit” together there).

JAN. 29 // Eddie Sings With Neil Finn

Whose Show?: Neil Finn
Special Guest: Eddie Vedder
When and Where: January 29, 2014 at Finn’s MAX Sessions taping at the Seymour Centre in Sydney for Australian TV.
Performing What Together?: Hunters & Collectors “Throw Your Arms Around Me,” Split Enz’s “History Never Repeats” (twice)
Circumstances: During PJ’s run at Big Day Out, EV worked during his day off by being the surprise guest on Finn’s episode of MAX Sessions. The taping will air on the MAX channel in Australia on March 24 at 9pm.
Backstory: Eddie’s been a fan of Neil Finn (and his bands Crowded House & Split Enz) for decades and has performed with him almost too many times to count, including: Neil & Tim Finn joining PJ onstage in New Zealand on March 24, 1995 for the Finns’ song “History Never Repeats” (which became one side of PJ’s 1995 holiday single) and “I Got You”; Eddie guesting at Neil Finn’s November 6, 1998 show at Boston’s Karma Club, Eddie being part of Neil Finn’s ’7 Worlds Collide’ band for a mini-residency at Aukland, New Zealand’s St. James Theatre from April 2-6 2001, Eddie hopping onstage with Crowded House at the Bumbershoot Festival at Seattle Center on September 1, 2007 (“World Where You Live,” “Something So Strong”), etc.

FEB. 2 // Win Butler Sits in with PJ

Whose Show?: Pearl Jam
Special Guest: Arcade Fire’s Win Butler
When and Where: February 2, 2014 at the Big Day Out Show in Perth, Australia.
Performing What Together?: “Rockin’ In The Free World”

Circumstances: Both Pearl Jam and Arcade Fire had been rocking across the antipodes on the Big Day Out tour and on the final date, AF frontman Win Butler joined PJ for the Neil Young classic.

FEB. 4 // Ed Duets With Cat Power

Whose Show?: Cat Power
Special Guest: Eddie Vedder
When and Where: February 4, 2014 at Fly By Night Musician’s Club in Fremantle, Australia (near Perth).
Performing What Together?: Billy Rose/Lee David’s “Tonight You Belong To Me,” Neil Young’s “The Needle & The Damage Done”
Circumstances: A few days after wrapping up PJ duties at Big Day Out in nearby Perth, and a few days before kicking off his Aussie solo dates in Perth, Eddie showed up at Cat Power’s gig in Fremantle for a pair of songs.

More Info: Photo & Review
Backstory: Eddie first worked with Cat Power (aka Chan Marshall) in 2002 when he provided backing vocals on two songs on her album “You Are Free” (notably on the track,”Good Woman,” which he himself would later cover to great effect in 2012). In 2011, Chan returned the favor by duetting with Eddie on the vintage cover “Tonight You Belong To Me” on his solo album “Ukulele Songs.”

FEB. 13 // EJ and EV

Whose Show?: Eddie Vedder
Special Guest: Eliza Jane Barnes
When and Where: February 13, 2014 at the Sydney Opera House.
Performing What Together?: Rose/Lee David’s “Tonight You Belong To Me,” John Doe’s “Golden State,” and “Hard Sun” (also with Glen Hansard & Cecilia Herbert)
Backstory: EJ Barnes is a frequent collaborator of Liam Finn, and the pair notably were the opening act on Eddie’s 2008 and 2009 tours, which let to plenty of duets then.

FEB. 15 // The Boss Rocks AC/DC With Eddie

Whose Show?: Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band
Special Guest: Eddie Vedder
When and Where: February 15, 2014 at the AAMI Park in Melbourne, Australia.
Performing What Together?: AC/DC’s “Highway To Hell” and Bruce’s “Darkness on the Edge of Town.”

Circumstances: After his gig at the Sydney Opera House on Feb. 13 and before his gig at Melbourne’s Palais Theatre on Feb. 16, Eddie spent his Saturday night in Melbourne with Springsteen. EV and Bruce started the show with two duets: “Highway To Hell” and “Darkness on the Edge of Town.”

More Info: Guitarist Tom Morello’s post-gig Instagram of himself, Eddie and Bruce included the caption, “Vedder/Springsteen/Morello trifecta bask in afterglow of Melbourne #1. Ed slayed Highway To Hell/Darkness On The Edge Of Town.”

Backstory: Springsteen is a huge EV influence, of course. And Ed has certainly performed with Bruce before, including joining Bruce onstage at Chicago’s United Center on Sept. 25 2002, at the Vote For Change tour finale in Washington DC on Oct. 11, 2004, at Bruce’s New Jersey Continental Arena show on Oct. 13, 2004, at Chicago’s Wrigley Field Sept. 7-8, 2012 and more. Watch video of all those previous performances with Bruce in this article.

FEB. 18 // Amanda Palmer Ukes It Up With Eddie

Whose Show?: Eddie Vedder
Special Guest: Amanda Palmer
When and Where: February 18, 2014 at the Palais Theater in Melbourne, Australia.
Performing What Together?: Palmer’s song “Ukulele Anthem,” “Hard Sun” (also with opener Glen Hansard)
Circumstances: After covering it a few times by himself previously, Vedder brings Amanda Palmer to the stage during his show so he can perform her song “Ukulele Anthem” with her.
Backstory: Amanda Palmer herself told a very sweet story a few days before this collab about hearing (and being very excited and pleased) that Eddie had been covering her song, then unexpectedly getting the gift of an 8-string uke from EV (and a nice card thanking her for “penning the greatest ukulele song ever written”). Check out her story (and pictures of the card and uke) on her site here.

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