Happy 50th Birthday, Eddie Vedder!

by Jessica Letkemann on December 23, 2014

Thanks for all the years of music so far & cheers to many more to come! #EV50
Eddie Vedder live in Detroit, 10/16/20014It’s tempting to want to put together a top 50 music moments to celebrate Eddie Vedder’s 50th birthday today. All those great songs spanning Pearl Jam’s catalog and beyond, all those great shows! Climbing the mic chord during “Alive” at Madison Square Garden in ’98? Hurtling himself into a pit of tens of thousands at Pinkpop in ’92? The finely wrought vocals and songwriting on “Into The Wild” in ’07 and the solo tours that soundtrack begat? Where to even begin? The realization is, there’s no way to boil down EV’s career so far into a mere half hundred points. So instead, here’s simply an overarching thank you, EV, for picking up a guitar and choosing to sing all those years ago, for connecting so fully with Jeff, Stone & Mike (and Matt) to make Pearl Jam what it is, and the continuing passion and prowess that keeps you at the mic. Happy 50th birthday, Eddie. Thanks for all the years of music so far, and cheers to many more decades to come!

Jessica Letkemann ( Twitter: @Letkemann )
TFT co-editor Jessica Letkemann is a New York based digital music journalist & editor. She's currently VP & Editor-In-Chief of Digital at Fuse Media (Fuse.tv) and was previously managing editor of Billboard.com. She has also been on staff at Spin and Premiere magazines. Her first Pearl Jam show was at Lollapalooza on August 2, 1992.

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