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Does the world need another Pearl Jam website? To us, the answer was a unanimous yes. There’s at least one great site covering each of the usual categories (news, lyrics, photos, etc), so that’s precisely what TFT aims NOT to do. Our mission is to forge a useful, quirky, detail-oriented site with completely original content: a unique, interactive resource of Pearl Jam information past present and future, with both perspective and a healthy sense of humor. In other words, cool original stuff you can’t find anywhere else.

TwoFeetThick is the brainchild of three dedicated fans that have been into PJ for well over a decade. “We” are Kathy Davis former co-founder of Footsteps paper fanzine, Jessica Letkemann of Tickle My Nausea, the comprehensive paper zine, and John Reynolds, member of DigiJAM, the online tapers resource, and creator of MonkeyWrenchRadio.org, a love letter to PJ’s bygone pirate radio days. Three more people whose friendship would not exist if PearlJam didn’t.

Each of us is passionate about different aspects of the band and its music, but we share a vital common compulsion: seeking and organizing PJ information. Just like you, we want to know as much as possible. So presenting our findings in a simple, easy to navigate, easy-to-use place is our approach to contributing to the fan community.

While planning this project, the crucial question became: what have we always wanted to see on the Internet? The easy answer came surprisingly easily: facts. TwoFeetThick presents a lot of differentfeatures and sections, but the bottom line is that minus anything about the band’s personal lives, here we’re trying to document every detail, not just the basics.

So sure, we’re completist, but we’re not elitist. No matter if you’ve been onboard since the first ’85 Green River van tour or you’re a newbie who discovered Pearl Jam yesterday, if you like the band enough to call yourself a fan, your patronage,ideas on how to improve the site, and questions will always be welcomed here. And we do need your help! “Community” is an important part of the Pearl Jam fan experience to us. So without further ado, we turn you loose in our Pearl Jam playground. We hope you find something here that feeds the need.

-Kathy Davis, Jessica Letkemann, John Reynolds

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