Do any Pearl Jam albums have hidden tracks?

by John Reynolds , Jessica Letkemann on July 18, 2006

Rearviewmirror may contain thirty-three hits that encapsulate Pearl Jam’s pre-Avocado career, but five songs not on that greatest hits collection might summarize the band’s milestones even more precisely. In fact, some people might not even know these songs exist! That’s because they’re … (whisper, lean in closer) … hidden!


Who Is the Real “Leatherman”?

by John Reynolds on December 15, 2005

Co-written with Rob Yasinsac Scan of photo originally published in The Lure of the Litchfield Hills Magazine, December, 1952 Scarborough is a hamlet of the town of Ossining, New York, which is about 30 miles north of New York City located on the Hudson River. Not quite as regal as the two or three old [...]


Easy Rider: PJ’s tour time must-haves, circa 1992

by Jessica Letkemann on June 10, 2005

(Click to enlarge the scan above) It was the spring of 1992 and PJ was on the road. As Ten went gold, PJ did what all new headliners do, they put together a rider: a note explaining all the goodies a concert promoter or venue is obligated to provide for the band at each show. [...]


Who is the drummer on “Satan’s Bed”?

by John Reynolds , Jessica Letkemann , Kathy Davis , George Reilly on May 12, 2005

Pearl Jam Drum Tech Jimmy Shoaf gets his licks on record


“How long between Pearl Jam albums?”

by John Reynolds on April 28, 2005

The waiting drove you mad?


Are There Any Easter Eggs on Pearl Jam DVDs?

by John Reynolds on March 21, 2005

TFT looks for secret stuff hidden in Pearl Jam DVDs

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In Search of “Yellow Ledbetter”

by Jessica Letkemann on March 12, 2005

 Yellow Letter

Does “Yellow Ledbetter” have any meaning? Real lyrics? Over a decade of fan curiosity concluded, “no,” but hold on, there’s some evidence to the contrary to reveal…

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Who first said “Born on third, thinks he got a triple”?

by John Reynolds , Jessica Letkemann on September 1, 2004

Eddie Vedder? George Bush? or … Barry Switzer?


What’s That Line in “Black, Red, Yellow”?

by John Reynolds on May 3, 2004

“Black, Red, Yellow” was recorded during the No Code sessions and, along with “Dead Man”, was relegated to a B-Side. What zee heck iz Ed talking about?